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Magic Shaving Powder


Magic Shaving Powder

I’m going to try this stuff.

For those who already have, what kind do you use (there are several strengths), and how long do you leave it on your balls/shaft?

Do you follow the instructions and scrape off the hair using a spatula or rinse off the paste and wipe the hair away with a towel?

Same questions here. Was planning on trying the stuff out this weekend.

Another: how does this stuff compare to shaving concerning ingrown hairs?

My balls and shaft don’t get ingrowns, but my upper thighs and area around the bush are extremely prone to them if I shave.

I tried it and of course, did it wrong the first time and got my balls fried. Read the instructions carefully and all the way to the end.

The second time it was great. Cool product when used properly.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Instructions? Bah….

It wasn’t easy to find. Wal-Mart, Fry’s supermarket, and the first Walgreens I went to didn’t have it. The second Walgreens did.

I got platinum and used it about an hour ago. Since my chest hair was already clipped pretty short, I used it there first. I left it on 12 minutes, keeping it wet, rinsed off, and wiped the hair away. Not bad. A little stubble remains in places, but overall is about as clean as a shave (minus the bumps and irritation).

Warning: this stuff is hell on nipples. Wearing a shirt is extremely uncomfortable right now. :firejumpe

Then I used it on my lower abs, shaft, sack and upper thighs around the sack. I left this on for 10 minutes. It didn’t work as well, taking maybe 1/2 the hair off my shaft and balls. That hair must be tougher. I’ll wait a few days and then try it for 15 minutes. If I buy this powder again I’ll get the regular strength version. And it’s NOT going on my nipples again. :)

Ok, this wasn’t too bright, but I gave it a second go on my balls already. It took off some more hair. It also burned my fingers. They’ve been in it for close to a half hour today. There are a couple patches where the skin is eaten away. They kept getting worse and worse even after running water over them for several minutes.

The left side of my scrotum was getting more and more red too. I thought I’d be clever and douse it with vinegar to neutralize whatever remnants of the solution were there. My God. I’ll bet the neighbors heard me yell.

I think I’ll leave this stuff alone for awhile.

Originally posted by hobby
It also burned my fingers. They've been in it for close to a half hour today. There are a couple patches where the skin is eaten away.

Does the word fuckthishit mean anything to anyone?

Sounds like this thread should have been called ‘Burnt Balls’.




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Oh, not that bad. Just keep it off the tits and don’t use it twice in one day.

Will this stuff work for back hair? Is it permanant?

I’ve never had a problem with using this stuff and actually swear by it… I only leave it on approx 10 - 12 minutes then stand in a cool shower and watch all the hair just fall off….


If you can reach there it will work. Might need someone to help or get creative and make a tool. It is a depilatory - basically dissolves the hair so it can be scraped off or wiped away.

It isn’t permanent. The hair is removed at skin level, like shaving. The main benefit is it doesn’t cause those nasty red spots many guys (me included) get in sensitive areas from shaving.

RWG, which kind do you use? Red, blue, platinum, whatever else they make?

I tried Nair once. Read again….ONCE. Ouch! I had a similar experience as you hobby and when it grew back I got ingrown hairs anyway. Now I just us a beard trimmer and pluck the shaft and even the balls sometimes. Not as close as I would like but, much less trouble with irritation.


I tried the Super Magic Cream version instead of the powder. While it kind of worked, the smell was funky and the hair follicles were basically just made brittle, so that just wiping it away w/ a damp cloth wouldn’t get most of it: they actually advise edge-trowelling it with a spatula to scrape the crap off!

All said, shaving ain’t so bad.

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I tried the Cream version as well and it really didn’t work all that great. Basically what I do is just before bed, I take a pair of tweezers and pluck out any hairs that are on my shaft and balls. Takes about 3 or 4 minutes and there is no pain involved and it’s easier than shaving as well.

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