Time will tell if this is any better for ingrowns than shaving. My balls and shaft actually don’t mind the razor. The area around my bush is the worst. It isn’t unusual for me to get 20+ ingrowns there from a single shave.

I’ll probably go back to the clippers to keep chest hair manageable (1/4” or so works ok), shave my shaft and balls, and use the powder to clean up the sensitive area of my upper thighs/lower abs.

Damn PE. Before it I had never even trimmed my pubes. Now look at the hassle grooming has evolved into. :)

lurky and batcave,

My hair didn’t rinse off, but came off ok (from my chest) by scrubbing with a washcloth. I read that the cream version was stronger than the platinum I used. Not sure if that’s true. Have either of you tried it anywhere other than the shaft and balls? For some reason that hair on me is more stubborn.

This stuff took the hair out of my asscrack without hassle or irritation. It’s useful for some things, but I agree shaving works better in some places.