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Tried some walnut oil [great EFA profile] as well as tea seed [not tea tree] oil in a second go ‘round— by one minute in the emulsion was so dilute that the flavor was almost irrelevant.

My nose seems moister than usual— and I had a well lubricated bowel movement ~60 minutes or so after my early AM go around with OP.

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From researching online,

I’ve learned that olive oil can actually darken your teeth. I definitely haven’t messed with it but I’ve heard it come up more then once.

Just a caution.

Sex, money, and jellybeans

Originally Posted by _Phoenix_
Hmm maybe someone can message you their photo and you can give them tips, that might be interesting hehe.


Whoever does that has balls!

But hey, you could always post a picture of a friend or something I could pick at that. :)

Sex, money, and jellybeans

3rd post:

(Confidence/attitude category)

During our hard times right now money is tight. Am I correct? Most of the money people make now days are spend as disposable income and saved up in the banks. People say, save it for a rainy day I suppose. Or then again, some people in our world take the dangerous path. Living day by day without ANY saving in their account and most of their money is stashed under the couch.

Whoever it is, they both have one thing in common. They like money and wanna save it for something useful!

Now back to jelly’s beauty tip

Throughout your transformation there’s gonna be obstacles which cost money. Now I’m NOT talking about the extremes of cosmetic surgery but small cost here and there that can potentially add up.


In our world, nothing is free. Maybe cheap, but nothing free.

Change is gonna cost you money. NO doubt. Maybe not a fortune, but don’t think your gonna go on jellybelly’s thread and go “I’m gonna become good looking without any financial change in my life”

NOTE: I will of course post the cheapest and most informal methods as I can. But like I said, Not everything I give as info will be free.

Think of it as a investment. I’m a true story of a successful investment.

In the past, I was ugly. Had no self-esteem, scarred to look at a fucking women. An event happen in my life and now I change. Though I’m not saying I’m a god, I sure feel like one. (No offense to anyone) I feel like I’m on top of the world. And remember me bitching about my 25 dollar and hour job? Shit most people my age would DIE for 25 dollars a hour PLUS bonus and paid vacation. And if I look around my office right now, RIGHT NOW as I’m typing this.. There’s not ONE ugly young dude/girl in my office. ALL the young people are clean cut and OR very good looking. Of course the older geezers are a little unkempt but they’re the big boys of the company.

Now it’s sad for me to say looks are so important, but it really is. In the business world, looks can really be the selling point of attracting customers/potential clients. In every aspect of life, Looks will help you.

Back on track. Gosh, I keep going off. They money you spend on yourself is a investment for the future. That could be helped in, landing a better job, ending more business deals, getting a bigger tip as waiter, finding a fucking sugar momma! And fucking, having a better sex life. I remember my mom telling me, “if you don’t have alot of money honey, make sure you keep clean of that pretty little face.”

So in this post, what I’m trying to say is. Don’t feel bad about spending the extra 10-100 dollars on yourself for cosmetic/image. It very much affects your confidence and outlook in life. Hey if you feel good, it shows.

The best way I can say is this. Try to have the outlook of a rich person gone broke.

If you have all the money saved up in your bank account for a rainy day, TODAY IS THAT RAINY DAY.. YOUR MAKING A CHANGE FOR YOURSELF, AND IT CAN ONLY BE FOR THE BETTER.


Sex, money, and jellybeans

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4th post

(Tits and ass catagory)

Did I scare some people off with my last post? Sorry about that, guess I came on alittle to hard.

But This tip might cost alittle $$

If you switch the channel right now to a women’s network you’ll most likely see a make-over show of single depress moms. If you were manly enough to sit and watch a marathon of these shows you would notice that ALLLL women go through the same thing in their makeover.


Your hair and your clothes are the two things that give you personality. It give off a vibe of what your personality is like, and how you perceive yourself.

If you have had the same haircut since the 5th grade or your last divorce, you need to change it up. 60% of people have haircuts unmatched to their faces. If you have a round face, please don’t have a buzz cut. (Just an example)

I remember when I was in 6th grade and I went to a gay fabulous hair salon. This was due a family friend that just started working there. I walked in expecting my normal bowl haircut but I walked out with something totally different. I was introduced into the world of spikey hair!

Yes, it sounds LAME now, but back when it was the totally cool in thing. Now if I had spikey hair, I would look like a total FOB.

So your clueless and you don’t know what to fuck to do with your hair. I don’t blame you, I’m still clueless!!

Your best bet is a gamble haircut. And I’m not talking about the barber shop down the street. I’m talking about a semi-trendy haircut place that is AFFORDABLE. I can find a good place that really caters to a “young crowd look” for only $20 per cut. Make sure you ask for a cutter who knows how’s to POINT CUT.. AGAIN IT’S CALLED “POINT CUT”

^ It’s a more difficult style of cutting that most newbies don’t know how to do. Doesn’t mean it cost more, but the style looks much more natural. There will be no 5-10 days after a cut where your hair looks bad. Your hair will look hot right out of the chair.

I would say stay away from major corporations like super cuts. Try going to one’s in the mall, or possibly a trendy looking one downtown. Sure it’s probably gonna cost an extra 5-10 bucks but it’s worth it.. WHY?

Because it can change your whole image. You can be decked out nice clothes, clean face, clean eye browns, but if your hair is out of style to your looks your gonna look horrible.

Haircuts are an trial and error thing.

Let me ask you.. DO YOU HAVE THE BALLS TO DO IT?

Now I’m not saying you will get a haircut not to your likings.but it’s probably more likely.. But you do it again, in another style and you might look like a rock star.

Along with getting a haircut, I should add about growing out your hair.

I have a bud whose very good looking, but LOOKS a little feminine. But when he grew his hair out his whole image change. He went from twinky fairy white bottom boy to elegant and sophisticated. He still looked feminine to be but with the longer hair it goes with the style. It worked for him! I’m dead seriously. He’s 18 years old and fucking 30-40 year old women hit on him.

But back to the advice..

I know it’s a jep to go and get a haircut for 35 bucks.. I’m not telling you to do that. I want you to go and find a new more contemporary salon that afforable and fashionable.

Here’ is an example.. It’s a place right by me that I sometimes go to. This is a place I want YOU to possibly find and go to in a area near you.


^ Haircuts there are 20 bucks for men and it includes a shave and massage! Fucking amazing price for a awesome haircut.

So my final point is..

Spend the extra 5-10 bucks for some experimental haircuts.find a new good look for you, and stick with it.. What sounds better, looking good or saving a 20-30 bucks..

Once you find your cut, you can stick with it..

This post is for people who truely don’t like their hair and want a change but don’t know how to..


The more you know.

Sex, money, and jellybeans

OK! OK! You convinced me. I want to change my hair!! I’m doing it tomorrow…now if only I can
find the right place.

By the way, this is a good thread!

Seriously, I have long hair, and cheap places have done nothing but fuck it up in the past. Places that are in the 20-25 dollar range will do you good. And tip your stylist.

I feel like we shouldn’t be taking “Image” advise from some guy named jellybeen lol. I would be more content with a metrosexual or a gay guy giving me advise. They know their shit! Lol I am not about to swig’s called whitening strips

I’m sorry I just don’t get how swishing around some oil does anything, ok maybe I can buy it killing some germs but I can kill more germs in seconds with scope and maybe I can buy that he could help with mouth health but to say that this can cure arthritis or diabetics is stretching way to far for me.

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I guess this is the Asian side of me talking,

But there’s a lot of natural remedies besides western medicine that is MUCH better for you.

We’ve just been brainwashed that pills and surgery is farthest in advances. It’s not.

Now, I must say that some of the cures oil pulling is said to cure, is alittle funny, but I’m telling you guys what I’ve gotten from my experiences.


Bighead.Don’t you think from what I’ve been through I couldn’t just easily said “hey buy whitening strips to get white teeth” that’s not the point of this thread I’m trying to come across.. I could easily say, go get a stylist, go get a fucking noise job, go buy clothes from gucci, no.. This is a more ethical method of changing yourself.

Also the agents in white strips are just the same as dentist whitening (just a lower concentrated amount) It will still kill your teeth. Just at a slower rate. :)

And from what works and what does, I’m informating you on what WORKED for me.

And given that I’m not a gay guy, or even that metro sexual. But I’ve had experiences and I feel it’s gotten me far from where I stood a couple of years ago until now.

And what wrong with my screen name? HAHA

Sex, money, and jellybeans

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Originally Posted by jellybelly1991

But there’s a lot of natural remedies besides western medicine that is MUCH better for you.

I agree.

I tried the oil pulling thing and i must say, after about 10 minutes there was so much gross saliva in my mouth it was disgusting.

My mouth felt kinda nice after though.

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I like this thread jellybean! There is a floyds near me. I’m going to go there for my next cut. I tried the oil pulling and will keep doing it for a while to see if it whitens my teeth.

Originally Posted by androNYC
instead of going the whole 15 with 1 TBSP, I swished 1 TSP 3*5minutes.

I may do that, no way is 15 minutes at a time going to work for me.

Originally Posted by kazooplayer
Outside of the occasional desire to swallow or puke, it’s not that bad :)

Took me all of 3-4 minutes to reach that point.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

First of all, jelly belly sours are my favorite candy of all time! CVS sells them for 5 dollars a bag and I still buy a bag almost everyday!

Second, thank you so much for a great post Jelly! I’m trying the oil pulling for a month and will post on the results.


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