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Looks essentials THE HELPERS GUIDE

Taking booze out the group is extremely hard. That’s later on once you have lost a small chunk of weight to give you motivation to keep going. If your a alcoholic and you decided to cut alcohol from your diet. (Along with what I have said above) You might as well just call it the 24 hour diet. Because that’s how long it’s gonna last. HAHA

Sex, money, and jellybeans

Jellybelly, where are yoooou?

Well I’m sorry,

I literally feel like I’m the only one participating in this thread. ;)

I would LIKE move onto style, BUT I can’t seem to find anyone that’s willing to post pictures of themselves (without face) or even just their wardrobe.

Also knowing people are from different area’s and not knowing their way of living I cannot say one definitely positive style. HOWEVER, if you tell me as best as possible YOUR situation I can most definitely help.

^Along with that, other people in the same boat as you can get the same advice.

Style is not my way or the highway..

-Just saying so I don’t sound like Hitler. ;)

Sex, money, and jellybeans

Heck, I guess I could send you a couple pics. I am 20 years old and while I can put an outfit together, I’m sure I could use help. I don’t know how to blot out my face though….

I will post some info a little later that I am sure will be of help to some.

Yo jelly this is an excellent thread, the reason it’s fairly quiet input wise is I think men are still very much in evolution when it comes to (let’s face it) serious grooming.

I can’t sleep and don’t have work so I’m going to go pick up a bottle of sesame oil and try it tonight. Also, I agree with the practicing photo angles, I am not a bad looking guy but take TERRIBLE photos. I always seem to be trying to subconsciously hide my face with a beer glass or something, it sucks. Your spot on about the eyebrows thing, I’ve had noticeable “pulling” success when I’ve had them done. I’ve used good facial wash, moisturiser and scrubs for years (product of having bad skin as a kid) and I don’t have crows feet or wrinkles like my friends.

I like your tip on removing puffiness of the face in the morning, that always gets me, wonder why that is? I shall be trying it anyhow, thanks a lot!

PS have you got any good tanning tips? Like a lot of men, I look better with a tan, period but hammering sunbeds is a sure fire way to age you prematurley, any magic potions you know of? I find most lotions stink.

Lord Harris, try to find cold pressed sesame seed oil. I bought organic expellar pressed and while that still works, it is not recommended like cold pressed is(all cold pressed is also expellar pressed, but not all expellar pressed is cold pressed). Coconut oil is also a favorite of many.

From my reading on oil polling, it is also recommended to do it twice a day for 20 minutes. I must have a lot of toxins or whatever because the oil turns white very fast and I usually spit it out after 10 minutes and then have 1 more table spoon. DO NOT gargle with it! You just want to pull it through your teeth. If you swallow it accidentally, don’t freak out, but be more careful and don’t make a habit of it. ;)

This is all information I have pulled from the internet, but I have tried to verify the information as much as possible. I oil pulled for about a week and a half straight and then I had to go to Miami and didn’t have any oil there. Although, I didn’t really notice any big change, my teeth did look a little better and it may have helped my curve my late-night hunger.

How to do oil pulling.

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Thanks, turns out I have some sunflower right here so I’m going to wait until my stomach has cleared a little and try it. Also, as an aside that herbal remedies site which jelly referenced from is excellent.

I have also heard good things about sunflower oil, but the only two I tried were sesame and coconut.

I have been doing oil pulling with cold pressed organic sesame oil since posted by Jellybean originally.

My teeth and gums have always been good and my teeth are white but I have noticed my teeth are whiter with more sparkle.

I typically brush twice a day (sometimes 3x) and floss very irregularly (maybe once a month, typically only when I feel something stuck in my teeth, lol).

So, I went into the dental hygienist for my regular cleaning and she said to me “wow your teeth look great, very little tartar build up at all, you must have been flossing regularly”. I tell her, “no I have flossed maybe 3x since our last appointment 9 months ago” and she was shocked. I told her about oil pulling which she had no idea about.

She definitely did only minimal cleaning compared to the typical cleaning session (I was the first appointment so they were not running behind).

Oil pulling definitely works.

I have been looking into ways to improve skin quality and reduce the signs of aging naturally.

I found this site that seems interesting that uses organic oils to clear the skin naturally.

It never made sense to me that many of the cleansers strip away the natural oils which in turn would encourage the body to produce more oils to protect and combat dry skin.

Has anyone ever tried this method or heard about the Oil Cleansing Method?

Sorry dude no but I have been oil pulling since my last post, sometimes 2x a day and I tell you what I can see the difference it’s making to my skin. It’s hard to put your finger on but it just looks smoother and I swear my expression lines are becoming softer. My teeth are whiter, my gums pinker although to be fair I have natural white teeth anyway. It makes you produce a lot of mucus for about an hour or three after it as well. I’m going to stick with it and possibly try sesame oil.

I follow the routine to the letter, first thing in morning, 10-20 minutes, followed by two glasses of water.

I have been following the instructions on that site, but with just olive oil and it surpisingly does seem to be helping. I think its mostly the steam.

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So update

Ran into an old friend of mine the other day.

“OMG, you look so different! You had chubby cheeks and chubby this and chubby that.. You we’re so unattractive.. Haha”

My reponses.. “Oooh thanks.. Haha, oh yes.. OOh you.*to myself* Yooou bitch.”

I thank the gym and shadowing the face.

What is shadowing the face?. Learn from this guy. Definitely isn’t the most manly guy in the book, but he knows what he’s talking about. Check out his whole series on youtube. I’ve even learned a few things from him. :)

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Start listening around 5:30 mark.

FYI: If anyone remember my earlier post about my friend shooting the show and looking like shit. This was what the women put on him after the director bitched and threaten to fire him.

Sex, money, and jellybeans

Ah awesome Ive been looking forward to an instructional on this!

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