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Ladies: Genitals shaving for men?


Ladies: Genitals shaving for men?

What shave pattern looks best on a man down there?

I shave balls, and keep the rest trimmed real short.

Looks fine I think, and it doesn’t get in the way of anything!

How do you shave your balls?

<------- You likey?

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Verrry carefully.

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I prefer...

I like to shave it all! And I guess I am not the only one! Or what do others say?

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Originally posted by rakishly
Verrry carefully.

No kidding!!! My ex-girlfriend said she would only shave her snatch if I shaved the fellas. I figured it was worth it and gave it a try. The first few passes were ok, but then I cut myself really bad and started gushing blood. It was truly one of the worst experiences of my life. I keep it close with a beard trimmer now, but will never use a razor again.

Oh, and I’m never going to ask a woman to shave again unless she wants to.

Hey all,

I like to razor the fellows and do a combination shaver (once a month) and razor trim (once a week). I feel this is adequate enough for the time being, as i am not a hairy fellow and it takes time for this to grow back. So far i have had no major ‘incidents’, but i have had a few razor burn cuts where i went over the skin too much and irritated it so it bled a tiny tiny bit. Personally, i do not do this for any other reason then that it is comfortable with the shave.

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Well it all started about 1989, started shaving legs as I started competitive road cycling, tried to make the N.Z Road Cycling Team for the Commonwealth Games, 1994.
Anyway, shaved off moustache, (since school days), 2000.
2001, shaved head, while on holiday during Christmas.
2002, decided to start shaving dick and balls for P.E.
Chest hair, I have waxed, so basically, the only body hair I do have, is on my arms….

Love that feeling of no pubic hair…… Wife loves it too……..

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I shave my balls all the time, I use the cheapo Bic ones that are despensable. I don’t think I’d try any of the high tech ones with double or triple blades, you’re asking for it if you do. Main thing is finding a cream that lubes up the skin really good so you’ll get a gliding shave.

Since the ladies haven’t answered yet… Based on discussions I’ve read elsewhere, I think the ladies’ favorite overall is hairless balls, and the rest trimmed short.

It’s not that hard to do. I started removing hair from my scrotum almost 20 years ago. Most of the time I’ve tweezed the hair, but shaving never was a problem other than the quick regrowth.

Originally posted by secjay

“I shave balls, and keep the rest trimmed real short.
Looks fine I think, and it doesn’t get in the way of anything!”

I keep mine like that as well, it looks neater. And women don’t mind giving me head when it’s not all hairy.


No Ladies responding here?

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

LOL….sorry. I am always late to the party.

Hairless balls indeed. Now the rest can be trimmed but some men really neglect that special touch with the twins. Some women like to utilize those too. Plus it looks good overall. Unless of course, you are hairy everywhere and only shave that area. That tends to look very unique.

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Funny that this should come up just now. I’ve never shaved or trimmed or anything before, but last week I was away from home working and staying in a hotel.

I trimmed myself mainly because I was bored. It does feel a lot better, but it can be a bit itchy. I guess I’ll get used to it. I just did it with scissors and clippers. I would have to be really desperate to go near it with a blade.

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Shaving and trimming down there is an absolute must if you are a well groomed man!!! It will set you apart from most men in womens eyes because men are generally notorious for poor grooming habits. It also indicates that you pay attention to detail and women love that!!!
Not to mention, it just looks good and feels good.

Like wise I look for these same kind of grooming details in women for the same mentioned reasons but most women I encounter are pretty good with that. Don’t get me wrong, this does not mean that a man or a woman is nasty or smelly if he/she does not groom but its just that first impressions count and people will tend to judge you if they have nothing else to go by… besides looking good can only help to heighten a sexual experience.

OK, I admit it—-I am worse than a woman when it comes to grooming and I often hear that from the very women that I date but I don’t care what anybody thinks about that one. Thats me! :chuckle:

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