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Ladies: Genitals shaving for men?


Your post reminded me of when I had a vasectomy. I was instructed to shave a specific area prior to the procedure. Instead, I went in with hairless balls, and everything else trimmed short. The surprising part was when the nurse was prepping me, she complimented my grooming job. :D

I have been trimming around the base of my penis for several years at a previous girlfriends request she didn’t like getting hair when going down so I did it to get some. Then I started to like to way it felt so I keep it up even when I am not in a sexual relationship. I also staeted doing the twins a year ago and the girl I was seein then liked it.

Also I us a schik tracer FX (double blade) and had never cut myself too baddly. maybe a little cut a few times not painful or bloodly at all ever, you just need to be very careful thats all

Balls and penis with mach 3 no injury with the blade.

Just drop $500 and get the laser treatment for dark hair. 5 sesions and your done. No more problems.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I save balls and dick

I have been shaving my dick and balls for a few years now. I and my wife love it. I just keep a little hair above. (see my pic under pictures). But have mercy on me, as I am 57, but improving.

Keeping the dick and balls all shaved up is really good for pe so when you jelq it does not pull and have you ever had a BJ and she sucks your clean shaved balls oh fuck it feels so so good!

When both are shaved, oral sex is so much better.

I had a one night stand with a young American girl in the summer. She was kind of a country girl (I’m not sure, but I think she said West Virginia. Daddy’s a tree surgeon.

Anyway, she seemed to be fairly happy with the size, but she said in a dismayed voice, ‘You trim?!’

I replied, ‘Yes, you don’t like it?’

‘Well, it’s kind of gay’

‘No it’s not, it’s… metrosexual!’


‘So you like it hairy?’

‘Yeah, really hairy’

Not that I gave a shit. I like how it feels and looks trimmed, and I think the kind of girls I really like, like that too.

I had gone down on her before and given her a hip bucking orgasm. She was too fucking hairy. Long coarse black pubes, a couple of which came off in my mouth, and even a little bit of a snail trail, which I hate. She was obviously concious of it, because when I was down there she looked down at me and asked if it was ok. I asked why. And she answered that it was quite hairy down there and didn’t know if I’d like that. Not wanting to hurt her feelings I said it was fine and she had a lovely pussy blah blah blah, while I picked pubes off of my tounge. %-\



A “snail trail” ?

I’ve been completely bare down there for the last couple of years; needless to say, my last girlfriend liked that, too (“I wouldn’t want it any other way”). It’s sort of a “as hairless as possible” ideal I’ve been pursuing., not just with my pubic hair but also the rest of my body.

And yes, wet jelqing becomes much easier.

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Originally Posted by Lazy Wally
A “snail trail” ?

Yeah, a little trail of hair climbing up to the belly button. She could get away with it because she was cute, but even so. Not nice.



I always thought that was a male thing.

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

Exactly! :)

But I’ve known more than a handful of girls who have it too. Some who I can tell have it but shave it.



All of it

My wife likes all of me shaved from my belly button to my ass.. And she licks all of it to be sure it is smooth or she does it herself.


I shave everything with a cut throat razor once a week, I like the comfort of not haing much down there but it does get itchy every now and again if I forget to re do it.

I have never had complaints about that appearance but haven’t heard any preferences for anything else either.

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Penomet, stretches, kegals and jelqs...

I shave a few times a week and have been hair free for the last 15 years.


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