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Is body hair unattractive

Is body hair unattractive

It seems that most women these days like their men hairless. Is body hair really that unattractive on men? I mean I guess if you were covered like a gorilla that wouldn’t be too hot, but it seems that to get a nice body you not only have to work out a fair amount but then go along and shave all your body hair off as well. Being only 20 years old and with a fair amount of body hair already I feel like I’ll be covered when I’m older. Back hair is really what makes me self concious, although, I guess I could see why that’s not too appealing. Any females have an opinion on this? Also, what are the best ways for body hair removal?

There are women who like it and women who don’t. I have no idea what the percentages are.

Most women I’ve known complain about back hair and hairy buns.

Some women I’ve known are really turned on by a hairy chest, others not so much.

I think younger women tend to like the guys smooth, but I’m just speculating.

I don’t know, I wouldn’t get all paranoid about it. If it’s really a problem you can have yourself waxed.

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I happen to like body hair on a man. Its suppose to be there, I love to snuggle into my hubby chest, which is covered quite nicely with hair. And he smells good, unless he’s been working on a car, then he smells like a combination of motor oil and transmission fluids.

Oh, and the best method for removal has to be waxing.

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Originally Posted by Mr. Happy
Most women I’ve known complain about back hair and hairy buns.

Some women I’ve known are really turned on by a hairy chest, others not so much.

I have the same impression.

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I’m a hairy beast without grooming. I’ve met one women in my life who liked body hair.

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Body hair goes both ways.

Hello, Sassy here and when I came across this post I had to reply. Body hair to me is veery unattractive on “women,” Men on the other hand hair is a very masculin quality and a hairy man to me baby is a “real man!”

Now I am not saying hairy asses are sexy, or hair growing from the ears and nose is sexy either, Don’t get me wrong; theres just some places hair should not be. A man with hairy nuts is a man hardly gettin’ a lube job, In my own experience of course.
I myself shave everything, everywhere. Legs,pits,arms,privates, and eyebrows very lightly, I’ve still only got my real brows, no pencil-ins, or tattoos.I am completely “all Natural,” Truly.

Whether body hair is desirable or not is based on societal convention, and it changes over time. My guess is, like someone else mentioned, younger people are pro-smooth and older don’t care as much, as a general rule. (Of course there are exceptions.)

Personally, I like body hair on women — to some extent — which I think is rooted in the 70s porn I saw as a kid. Back then the average woman had a forest between her legs that would qualify as fetish “Monster Bush” porno in this day and age.

And as for me, yeah, fairly hairy. Not on my butt though, and a little on the back which I occassionally trim. As for my hairy chest — hey! — that is what makes me a man! I am not shaving that no matter what.

Anyway, in a nutshell, to each his or her own… (But I wish moderate hairiness would become the norm again!)


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Any hair above the neck is fine by me :spin2:

I can’t be doing with all that blow drying business anywhere else :gulp:

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I guess I’ll get to pouring that hot wax all over my hairy ass now.

I’ve hairy legs, butt and to a certain extent, chest. A bit like a blonde half-werewolf. No complaints except in a kidding tone. My daughter, 2½ years old, told her mom with awe: “Dad has lots hair on his behind!”

regards, mgus

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