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I want to remove my chest hair!


You have a number of different options that are not only affordable, but painless for the most part, as well. You obviously know that laser can be expensive and that razors can cause some problems at times. You shave your chest, but it looks like world war 3 with all of the cuts and scars. There are a number of creams out there that have been known to effectively remove hair. A quick search on Amazon or even Google will give you a list of products. Do a little research and you will easily find one that works. The problem with creams is that I don’t think any of them are long term hair removal products. You will have to keep purchasing the product every few months.

You can go for laser treatment and do away with it for good.

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Laser treatment is what I am looking at doing, but yeah, initially you are going to shell out some $$$.

Waxing is great, but painful as all hell. It lasts for a pretty good amount of time, though. Eventually, repeated waxing will add up in $$$ over the long run.

I’ve done Nair a few times, which is fine, but it grows back fairly quickly and you’re not supposed to use it on “large areas of the body.”

Shaving works, but it would be a pretty repetitive process.

Duct tape? No.

Fire works too, but it smells terrible and you risk permanent injury.

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Plucking is the best option


If you cannot afford laser treatment to remove your chest hair your best bet is using a device that pulls the hair out at the root.
Pulling it out at the root means the regrowth will be softer and weaker with the eventual result that it may not grow back or at least grow back very slowly.
Shaving is a bad idea because it just makes the growth that much stronger and you will never have a clean looking chest if you shave.
Remember it is just cutting the hair at skin level, whereas the device that pulls it out is removing it at root level (mostly).
I have been doing this myself for years and now I only have to do it once a week and there’s not much hair to remove anyway.

Laser is extremely cheap now. Just check out groupon if you live near any major city. $150 and you’re done. You’ll save that in razors and shaving cream. I’ve done plenty of my body and love it.

Not available here


Sadly laser hair removal is not available where I live in the small city I live in, in PRC(China)!
Anyhow it’s nice to read that some things are getting cheaper.
Naturally laser is the most effective and I guess the least uncomfortable, but for those of us with no access to this procedure, plucking it the next best thing.
I have absolutely no body now, and most of it was removed by plucking apart from under arm and pubic hair.


A little error


In my last post in the final line I wrote, ’ I have no body now’!
Obviously this is a typo and I meant to type, I have no body hair’!

Must get new glasses!!



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