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I just shaved my balls...

Am I the only guy that likes body hair?

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I did the same thing with beard trimmer I pressed a little to hard at the base where the balls start and it grabbed the skin and boy did I shriek.
I don’t shave my balls just the shaft and I keep my balls well trimmed

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Glad to hear I’m not alone in this……It does sort of make ya feel dumb dosen’t it?


"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

I too did the snag thing with the clippers. I guess the sac is too soft for that much vibration. The skin just gets sucked in. I use a razor now. Not so much during the winter months but definately during summer. It gets extreamly hot down there.

<tomarctus it’s not that I don’t appreciate body hair but it can get smelly down there with all that hair!>

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I’m another victim of clipper bite. They nipped me good, twice. Now I don’t let them near my balls. A razor works much better.

The little Seiko battery powered shaver works great…..a hell of a lot better than the Braun sack snatcher I used at first. I shave with the razor once a week, like when I bathe (LOL-beat you bastards to it) and use the Seiko for daily maintenance

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

I first shaved for my vas. and turned out my wife liked licking and sucking on my balls alot more. So i shave my nuts daily and it does not hurt at all, with my mach3 razor in the shower. If I miss a day it is alittle more easy to get a small nick, no biggie it heals quickly, and the benefits of my wife driving my nuts, nuts is sssoooooo great!!!!!



Funny you should say that. My wife always insisted that I do NOT shave my pubic region (even though she has a Brazilian). She say that she does not what to sleep with a 12 year old boy!

Anyway, one day I did in fact shave my sack and hey presto, she could not stop lick and sucking my balls all night!

She still protests when I shave (every now and then), but she still licks them lick a lolly pop when I do!!

I like it clean for me and the women I’m with.

I shave my balls, but in the winter you really see why you have hair in there.

Its now -15c outside so I can have second thoughts about this.

Looking to be a kiwi.

For me i use mach 3 turbo no cuts on my bag and my wife suck more often than before no hair on her tongue now.

Originally Posted by Bulgedude
Am I the only guy that likes body hair?

No. no you are not.

I love my cock. I just want it to be the best cock it can be!

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I keep my cock and balls shaved been doing it for years, it looks better and a hairy mess, and it feels amazing!

Shaft: shave every couple of days.
Scrotum: shave about once a week.
Pubic Area above Penis: beard trimmer once a week.

Wife appreciates the maintenance routine I have. I prefer her bald and she is. 😉

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A couple of times I plucked all the hair of my balls and then they felt extra soft. My girlfriend loved it

I can’t shave my pubic region without getting bad razor burn, and tiny bumps all over, which I guess is possibly infected hair follicles. I can shave my balls no problem though, which is probably because it’s a lot less dense on the balls than the rest of the pubic region.


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