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How do the ladies style your hair so well after your hair cut? I wanna do that!

How do the ladies style your hair so well after your hair cut? I wanna do that!

I got my hair cut yesterday, and I love it really short. I asked the lady to style the hair for me, and besides not keeping the back down (a difficult task with my thick hair) she made it look really awesome. In fact, I am going to go admire it some more in front of the mirror right now. Ah yea, that’s the stuff. Now, I don’t know how they make it look like that! It’s like ‘piecey’ because you can’t see every individual hair, but they are in groups or clusters and they are slightly shiny to make it look really awesome. Whenever I try to do it, they are never in that formation, mine tend to extend all the way down the length of my haircut. These clusters are almost all 2” or less in length and are all over and it looks great. I wasn’t really paying attention to how she does it, she made it look simple, but I sure can’t match it. Now, I tried searching the Internet for more info, but all it is to tell you what haircut you should have and what gel you should use. I wanna know how to make it look like that.

Any help is great, thanks.

I lived with a professional hairstylist for a few years. You pretty much just use wax or pomade (something thick).. You know, the expensive stuff that comes in those round little containers. Then you just mess it up with your hands and fix whatever afterwards.

I was pretty into making my hair look good for a while, probably as a result of her influence. Then I got sick of it and shaved it all short. Right now I have a low maintenance ‘hawk, don’t really have to do anything to it.

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Well, I have to use Rogaine Foam since my hair is falling out, but I know what your talking about, I used to use it for my flattop. I will try it now an let you know how I do. Well, I’m no stylist but I hope I can get better with time. It looks somewhat marginally better than what I could normally do, but I’m not ready to be a stylist yet. Thanks, I’m gonna practice and hopefully I’ll get better.

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