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My understanding is that shaving makes hair come back thicker and/or faster is a myth. I shave some times and I pluck other times. If it was true that shaving makes it grow faster and thicker, just thick what the situation would be for those of you who shave your face everyday. I have not shaved in 22 years. Full beard here.


08-12-2014 BPEL 8.875, EGMS 6.6, EGB 7.25, EW 2.101, EV 30.331, FL 6.75, FG 5.6, Glans Girth 6.5p

I would just pluck those hairs. After a few months of plucking the hair doesn’t grow back or instead grows back really fine/thin.

Me too. I trim it and all the hair around my cock so I don’t get long hairs tangled in my foreskin. OW!

I love my cock. I just want it to be the best cock it can be!

BPL: 7.5, EG: 5.25 (head) and 5 (shaft), FL: 5, FG: 3.5

I have 2.5 inch balls, and despite that I am on testosterone therapy for having a less than minimal score on the T-test. With therapy (which is an underarm gel) I'm right in the middle of normal. This was all discovered due to sudden depression symptoms.

I Just shave it. Some times I pluck them. But I have been considering laser for the hole pubic area, balls and shaft. A couple of times I plucked all the hairs of the ball sack and it felt really soft. My girlfriend noticed it and told “uhm they feel so soft”. She really loved it but it involves a lot of time and some pain too


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