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Good shaver and cream combo

Good shaver and cream combo

I have pretty tough facial hair,

So far I am using just bic sensitive with old spice lather but it really sucks because it KNICKS ALOT

Any recommendations on good shavers and a lather that works ? ( Single blade ! )

Why single blade?

Use a gel, like Edge or Gillette.

I would highly recommend the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo, but of course, 3 blades.

Edge gel “with extra protection against nicks and cuts.” I think the cap is purple. It does a far better job of saving me from myself than any other I’ve tried.

I use a Mach Three with no shaving cream as long as it’s new it doesn’t pull the skin.

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I’ve switched to shaving oil-seems to lubricate better than other products.

Takes a little getting used to as it is clear so you can’t see where you’ve shaved.

King of Shaves makes a good product as does Somerset’s.

Do a Google search on shaving oil…..

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"Nietzsche is dead"-God

A good alternative is shaving with coconut oil. Its clear so you can see what you are doing. Its great for those who are trying to design their pubes or keep their lines in the beard. It performs in my opinion a lot better then shaving cream. Its also great for the skin.

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