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Facial & Body Hair


Facial & Body Hair

Ok guys feel free to post a little picture of the search tool, I can feel your wrath as I even type this. I did do a quick search and I really didn’t find anything on this exact topic, but I am sure if I screwed off even more at work and read the thread on how to properly search for things I could find it.

Well here it is. In a nut shell I have been pretty down on myself lately and I have preexisting depression and anxiety problems that I acerbate with my behavior. For all my crazy problems and behaviors look up any of my threads I outline a couple of them there. Well it has come to my attention lately that the only way I am really going to able to improve myself is to become comfortable with the way I a currently am. That way I will have a good foundation for my non-extant self esteem and confidence to grow from. One of my major problems is my self image. I hate my body every inch of it. My feet are too big, I think I am quite ugly, midget dick, I have body acne problems, my forehead is extremely large and protrudes quite a bit, I am over-weight (my fault mostly), I have a very long upper torso and short legs, my arms are incredibly skinny, my hair is receding thing at an alarming rate, well I could go one for ever.

Also I am extremely hairy - disgustingly so. I also have a light beard that I keep because my skin is sensitive and I break out like crazy if I shave. No being that body hair and facial hair is among the few things I can change my question is this. I have always been under the assumption that women are absolutely disgusted by body hair and if it were up to them men would be completely hairless. The same goes for facial hair - they hate any form of it. Now my question is are there any women out there that believe the contrary? Am I completely wrong and women do like a little hair? I have had nothing but negative feedback about how I look as far as hair is concerned I get many disgusted looks and if I had a dime for every time I heard “EWWWww your so hairy” I would be a millionaire.

At this point I am willing to shave everything including my face as I cannot afford waxing or any other form of hair removal. I did shave my entire body a few months ago to give it a try and I loved the way I looked, looked like a normal for once, but my skin did not appreciate it too much and the maintenance was to much for me at the time.

Considering my mood has taken an awful dip lately and that I am now looking for anything to help my self image I am willing to put in the effort and time it will take to be hairless. So, I your guys experience have you been rejected because of body hair? Made fun of? Got rid of it and had more success? Agree that women hate it?

I would like to look down at my arms and not be revolted for once but the maintenance is a big deal and I would just basically like to know if I should make the sacrifice or not. It is really a personal decision but I would just like your feedback. I already looked on line at plenty of surveys and they jive with the no hair at all thing - but surveys are not the best to base opinions on.

Thanks and I apologise for the incoherent post, I ramble quite a bit and have trouble focusing and being concise

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As per my heritage goes I, for one, have some thick leg hair, but very mild chest hair. I take down the electric head-HAIR razor to the lowest setting (the setting closest to the actual blade being in contact with the skin- this leaves a nice feel, but without the itching). About facial hair, I know some women who love facial hair, only if it’s in control and maintained. Guys are supposed to have some hair. It’s a good showmanship of testosterone and some women get turned on by it extremely. I can’t stand the itch I get from shaving all the time. I too have very sensitive skin. I used 1,2,3,4,5,20 (just kidding) blades before and although I like the single blade the best when using hot water my hair grows back fast. Now I absolutely have to have at least a mustache+goatee if I don’t, as I’m experiencing now, I get acne from it. The upper lip and under the lip and sides always do. The rest basically is fine for manual shaving. A tip I use for the electric beard shaver is twist it around and use the other side which gets it very close and then shave with a razor. I’ve hooked up with some very hot girls and some of them didn’t like body hair on themselves at all (hell neither did I for that matter), but I had maintained facial hair and they loved it. I wound up going out with a few. I think it just needs to be groomed properly and in my experience many do enjoy it this way. It sure as hell beats staying indoors being embarrassed. Find a style that fits your face and remember… Just MAINTAIN it!

Originally Posted by Long Grass
Now I absolutely have to have at least a mustache+goatee if I don’t, as I’m experiencing now, I get acne from it.

Sorry to hear you suffer from acne as well, it’s not fun, but it makes me feel better to know that someone else out there breaks out. I feel like such a freak all the time because of stuff like that. When I mention it to people they look at me like I have three heads and tell me I must be dirty to get acne because they don’t when they shave.

Oh I found an interesting statistic from the net. Men tend to think facial hair looks good while women overwhelmingly don’t like it. Who know if it is bullshit or not but it basically says no to the facial hair issue.

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That site or that issue should I say is a huge contradictory. I would think it could be “possibly” true if it was single women only on the survey. That looks like just a scatter of women they just threw into the blender. Their boyfriends/husbands might have facial hair and they could have grown uniquely accustomed to it and can’t have another man without it, or some might still not be able to stand it or others may have always loved it. Sites that claim this and that and make you feel like a total shit bag if you don’t take their vow of faith or in their “research” is just plain wrong. If they don’t like how I maintain my facial hair they can just scoot on down to baby bottom crossroads.

Your right surveys suck. In fact not one has ever made me feel better about anything.

Well I have been think and I am going to look into shaving again. I can’t stand to look at my own arms and legs because they disgust me I can’t imagine what goes through a women’s mind. I will search the threads here and on the net on the best way to take care of all this hair. Of course my perception of reality is probably skewed as hell but all the guys I see with women 9 out of 10 have little to no body hair. When it comes down to it, I can’t be confident with it so it needs to go, whether or not women actually are repulsed by it doesn’t matter because I am.

Any tips for a cheap way (chemical or/and shaving) to grit rid of this menace? Any help will be appreciated. Plus actual experience would be fricking great as so far mine has been that women would prefer men to have no hair except on the top of their heads. I wonder what happened between the 70’s and now? How did body hair go from being manly to being dirty. I use the word dirty because that is how I am treated because of my hair - like it is all my fault and I am dirty.

God I can’t write down anything without it sounding nuts. Man I have issues.

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You’re right; maintenance can be a big deal if you’re shaving. Consider close trimming instead. It looks ‘neat’ and yet it’s not so critical if you’re a day late with your next ‘trim.’ It’s also less irritating than shaving. My chest hair is patchy, and I have shaved it before, but it’s been nearly as good (and MUCH lower maintenance) to just trim it short periodically.


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I feel your pain trust me…. I am hairy (back,chest,legs,arms) crap I might as well be a damn primate :) I don’t mind it that much but if your blessed with a fur coat all year round you must live in the colder climates :)

I have to admit I have pondered the fact of shaving all the body hair off me but have read it will come back in force if you do it. So I haven’t as of yet. Myself I think I would be totally fine if I had no back hair. I can deal with the chest and the arms etc… but as of right now I know of no perminent way to get rid of it so I guess i’m stuck with it.

I guess I have been lucky thus far and not one woman has been rude or belittling in comments. They have been supportive and most of the time if not all the time they loved it and didn’t want me too change at all. If anyone was hard on me it was me. i would say the rude comments about myself in a joking matter and they would get on my case about it that I was perfectly fine.

Those women are out there guys just have to hunt around for them and if they truely care about you they will not care that you have a bit more hair than the average man or monkey :O.

Will I still feel paranoid yes… i still have a fear going to the beach or very public place and having to take my shirt off. I guess it’s just because of all the fear of rejection you read and hear about with us blessed with hair. I just have to get over that and just worry about pleasing the one that does care the girl standing next too me. So who cares what people think just do what ya want. She has changed alot in my life and opened me up alot more.

There out there…..

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Forgot to add that when I first started dating her she didn’t like the facial hair that much at all. But once she saw the shadow (stubble) she loved it and doesn’t want me too be clean shaven again. She doesn’t mind when it grows out a bit but no more close shaving for me unless its a special occasion.

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You know the more I talk to people on these forums the more I began to think I have just had a really bad run with women that has skewed and scrambled my brain. I have seen guys hairier than I am and for now my back hair and ass hair is not out of control, but getting worse by the day. I often find people to be shocked at what I write. Maybe I just attract comments from bitches for some reason. It doesn’t make sense that I can’t go a month without some comment or cruel joke about my body hair or other features when there are some apes walking around. Maybe I have some subconscious thing going on where I am asking for - I don’t know.

Oh and I have seen a couple of threads about guys whining about a lack of body hair or facial hair. Fuck you, you lucky bastards. OK well maybe don’t go fuck yourself but appreciate the fact that you daily grooming ritual is much easier then the rest of us.

Funny when I think of it, some guys are miserable because of their body hair and some guys are miserable because they don’t have much. Should be clear cut at who has the advantage but it isn’t. Hummm

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Hey man I was just wondering if you’d looked into this laser-type surgery they have where they basically “zap” your hair in a way that it doesn’t grow back. I heard about this from just hearing different girls I know talking about getting it for their legs and stuff. It’s just one of those things I’ve heard randomly mentioned a few times, but thought I’d mention it here. I never really looked into it - like I said I’ve just heard it randomly mentioned a few times in the past - but I know the machines they use to do it are pretty expensive (I think I heard something like $25,000) so I’m not sure how much the actual ‘treatment’ is (or surgery or whatever you’d want to call it.. it’s laser-oriented though).

I was in a salon place before with a girl I know and they had one of the machines (I heard them asking the customers if they’d be interested in getting it done), so if you decide you’re interested in this you might have some luck asking around at Salons/Hair cut places, seeing if they have it or if they know of where to get it done.

Keep in mind though, this would mean that you’re literally eliminating the hair follicle(s) from growing back at all. Though, it’s only on the areas you get ‘treated’, so you could essentially customize where you still want hair to grow and what not. I point out that it’s only the areas you get treated that’ll not have hair grow back because I don’t know how sick you are of your situation (though it sounds like you’re pretty damn tired of it)

Originally Posted by ManChuck
Oh and I have seen a couple of threads about guys whining about a lack of body hair or facial hair. Fuck you, you lucky bastards.

, and am not sure if you’d be thinking of just completely eliminating all body hair (or damn near all) from growing back, or just certain areas. Also though, keep in mind how it would look with no hair whatsoever.. some might think it looks weird and what not, but you are you and if it bugs you that much and you’d be willing to take it that far, then f*ck what they think because it’s what makes you happy.

Well just thought I’d mention this since it sounds like it’s really bugging you man, and I think that sucks that something like this has got you down.. something out of your control. Keep your head up though man regardless of what you decide to do, and just don’t even think about it. In football, if you think too much about a mistake you made you take yourself out of the game, and you then mess up on the present play and potentially the next play (until you forget about it.. getting yourself back in the game). You said that you’re basically self-conscious of this part of you before you even approach a situation. It is what it is and it’s something out of your control so there’s nothing to trip about; just live it up and don’t think about it because if you don’t acknowledge it then there isn’t a problem.

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I always have stubble/5pm shadow as if I clean shave I break out as well. With females & their views on it; they either love it or hate it.

At work everyone calls me Werewolf because of my bodyhair ( all over except upperback & shoulders ) as I am covered in a layer of fur from head to toe ( yes I have “hobbit” feet ). I used to be self concious about it but these days I don’t give a shit what people think. Because it is mostly blonde & brown it isn’t really noticable until people are upclose ( a few metres ) & comments like ” fuck you’re hairy! ” .

What do females think of it? I get two very different reactions. Some think that it’s disgusting whilst others think it’s masculine & sexy. All my ex’s like it and used to like playing with it like I was a cat :D

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Again thanks guys - I am probably just going to trim and thin out what I have. Shaving is too much trouble. I just have to figure out how to pull it off without having it look like I thinned the hair out. BTW there is a A-Team marathon for all those losers and flakes out there like me who have been watching it all day. I even missed my doctors appointment because I was still sleeping. Whoops - I have a bad habit of flaking out and not doing things. At least I wasn’t smoking weed and drinking at the same time. If anyone new me they would be shocked that I am a straight edge now. Well that is a topic of another thread, got to learn to keep these posts short.

I just going to have to learn to accept it. The other thing I realized is that most of the comments that I have gotten from women have been from women who seem to prefer really ripped guys (hence less body hair. Most guys I know who are really in shape want to show that off and hair just gets in the way) or date for the most part black and Latino men. Now that is not to say that there are not hairy Latino guys out there or black guys for that matter, just on average as far as I see they seem to have a lot less hair then most white guys on average. That might be a big factor. Actually that makes prefect sense. Plus at this point I think I might have gone over these incidents so much in my head that I might have warped what really happened. Or I have taken them out of context, maybe all the hairy name calling wasn’t all negative. I do recall responding to a comment once made about my hair by retorting that I was a really man instead of a hairless little boys that she preferred. I think there was a positive response for that. Maybe I should stop thinking of this as a disadvantage and thinking of it as an advantage. While it will cut down on the general population of chicks I have to chose from it will give me the advantage as far as the few chicks out there that do prefer hair. Why be miserable about it, it really doesn’t matter anyhow - to be honest if I woke up tomorrow with no body hair I might feel better about myself but I think I would just shift my focus toward some other things I don’t like about myself.

It also doesn’t help that I desperately want to be something I am not and never will be. Again, topic for another thread.

Thanks guys - I feel better ever time I post about something. Either someone calls me out on some stupid thing I said or behavior I do or they can give example that doesn’t make me feel alone.

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The acne could be from bad technique equipment. HAve you read this thread? :

Lost art of shaving

Thanks Klayton - I am will check that thread out.

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