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Facial & Body Hair


I actually like a guy with body hair, its soooooooooo nice to snuggle up with. But I also understand why you might not want it. Waxing isn’t permanent, you’d have to have it done every couple of weeks at first and then begin to stretch out the time frame. I can do my legs once a month now.

Products like Nair and Neet are ok, but can leave nasty burns, been there done that, now I wax. Laser removal might be an option, but that can only be done in small areas at a time. Sounds like trimming, shaving may be your only option, and yes, ingrowns can be a real bitch.

The best advice I can give you at the moment is accept yourself the way you are, be comfortable in your own skin, and then if you want to change something it becomes much easier.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Great find

ManChuck I just got a VAHL EUROFLEX razor. This sucker works great for facial hair and I can go without the stache-goatee. You should really try it out. It’s very cheap. Here’s the first page that comes up on Google <$30.00…397-500&sc=nxtg


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