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big hair

big hair

well ive been taking it easy for the last month because ive had a sort of zitish red bump on my lower shaft that was pea sized and moderately painful…anyway being the risk taker i am, when i was plucking today i decided i would try to pop it, i said the worst that could happen is if it is an inflamed vein and is going to pop and blood will pour out of my dick and i will be impotent…no big deal ;) …so i popped it and i thought it was a zit because it was very painful and a white headish thing came out…but then a 3 inch hair came out…yes a 3 inch hair on my shaft…i dont know where i should have posted this thread so i put it here…just a silly little story

Whoa…. Thanks for sharing that!

BWAH HA HA! Damn man! Only thing I can relate to that would be an ingrown hair on my face once. Similar to what you described in appearance and feeling but, when I finally got it to “pop”…I only got about a 1” long whisker out of it. I’ve found scrubbing my face with a washcloth after I shave has prevented this from happening again.

i knew you guys would get a laugh out of that

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