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Ass Cleaning 101

Originally Posted by 789
Some women like the musty nut smell that we can get at times,


I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
I find it fucking amazing that they read better than I do.

Well they get right into the text - literally. Try it sometime. ( Wash your hands first though).

Originally Posted by 789
We are brothers from a different mother let me tell you. I dont touch a fucking door knob in a mens room without a papertowel. I will throw that nasty papertowel on the floor if there is no trash can. And if I think the sink is dirtier than my hands, I wont even touch the thing. I have been known to order a vodka straight up and pour it on my hands to sanitize at a bar if I dont like the mens room.

More wierdness about me, in 25 years of marriage my wife and I NEVER went into the bathroom together if the other was on the toilet. Furthermore, my daughters will tell you how gross their friends dad’s are because they “pass gas” in front of anyone and their dad doesnt do that at all, ever.

Okay I am exposing way too much of my freakiness. I need to go to bed.

That’s not freaky. I too am the same way. I will not touch anything in a men’s restroom. When washing my hands in a restroom, I use a paper towel to turn on the water to wash and another to turn off the water. I use another to open the door. The way I see it is that men hold their dicks when pissing and then touch the knob to turn on the water. I will touch no mans dick even from a knob on a sink.

I also will not let my wife see me sitting on a toilet, I just won’t. I also have a problem sitting on other peoples toilet seats. It grosses me out. I have my body trained to go in the morning before work and go after work cause I will not share a toilet seat with pimply asses at work, and if I do have to go really bad, I will take time off to drive home and back. I’m there with you brother about the passing gas thing too. Nobody hears me passing gas.

Originally Posted by tntjockey
and if I do have to go really bad, I will take time off to drive home and back.

I with you, tntjockey.

I live in NYC (Manhattan) where available toilets are few and far between. Restaurants require you to be a customer to use theirs, so that leaves large department stores, bus or train stations or hotels. All of which I prefer not to use. I usually will say to hell with it and take a subway or bus home to do my thing. If it is a hurry up thing, I have been known to take a taxi and pay extra to hurry. I try to do everything that I have to do before I leave home for the day.

You know, until I read this thread, I thought I was pretty much a loner regarding this matter. It is nice to know I am no longer alone. :)

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I usually am able to do what I need to do before leaving for the day, then usually anything can wait after that.

But I have been know to take one before sex - nothing worse than having a hard-on compromised because of an uncooperative turd..

The other day, I was in a rush and did not figure I would spend so much time downtown. But under normal circumstances that would not have happened. I try to schedule appointments for late morning or afternoon, for a variety of reasons - one of which is being able to go through my normal post wake-up routine, which includes taking a crap!

Great thread!

I’m usually able to time my shits in the morning before my shower so I can spray it down after wiping. If the urge comes while showering I come back in the shower to spray it down afterwards. If I have to take a dump during the day I find it too much work to hop in the shower and often end up wiping till I bleed :(

The entire routine goes a bit too far for me right now but just the first bit makes wiping already a lot more efficient and I feel more clean.

I have a toilet seat that I bought, (brand new) for older people or handicapped, it is a seat with legs and it goes over toilet with seats. I use it to go on vacations if we are driving far. I once forgot it and had the biggest stomach ache and finely pulled into a town and looked for one, which was difficult to find one.

Oh! I will not go out of town with out a pillow or a bed sheet especially if we need to stop for a room. I know, I know, I have issues. A pillow case is not that thick and some drunk could have been sweating on it days before. I also don’t want ones dandruff residue. You all should see all the new pillows we have in our closet, because if I forget my pillow, I will buy another pair. Besides, I like the way mine smells.

Read this post a while back, that seems like way too much work and time just for one shit.

Have you thought about getting a douche bottle? Looks like a big ear cleaner. If you put a couple bulb fulls of warm water in and let it set for a couple of minutes it will get all of the shit out. You could also mix some mild soap in if you’re that anal about it. Just a thought

I’ved used snow in the great outdoors— really.

And then there was the night that I was struck with severe bowel distress on the walk home from dinner and couldn’t make it the last two blocks home.

I literally crapped in a dark service entry alcove just off Fifth Avenue.

Fortunately mom taught me to always keep a hanky handy! ;)

Funny thing— walked by there a few days later and noted that they had installed a security light.

No camera yet that I could see.

You can blame Cock Kent for this disgusting interlude.


Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

Excellent thread, Andro you are a killer man you had me laughing,don’t try anything like that any time soon.

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Thanks Supersizeit,
it was a delicate subject handled in great detail and tact, I learned some more on the subject.(You have a pleasant style of writing) It is not if you can discuss, back side hygiene with your relatives or friends, well I don’t anyway. (Though my own routine is quite comprehensive and one I am satisfied with). I would expect anal hygiene, would get over looked by a lot of the population male and female.
The reason I was drawn to this thread is because today, I removed the hairs from my anal area. It is a regular thing, fortnightly, there abouts.

I originally tried with scissors and a razor blade, BUT (no pun intended) apart from getting a bad back I was not satisfied with the result and razor blade cuts in that delicate area are somewhat painful. So after a little thought and searching on the Internet I now use a product called Magic, Regular Fragrance shave cream made buy Soft Sheen Carson. It is a razor less beard remover cream. You are supposed to put the cream on dry clean skin for around 6 minutes, I leave it on for about 25 minutes. It sort of dissolves the hairs, and you scrape the area with a area with a skin exfoliating nylon cloth or similar. When you are waiting for the product to work it it a good time to do a little stretching or jelqing etc.

I cleaned up my act in that area for the benefit of past and the current Mrs Dieselpower and future ones. Thanks again for the post I will read it many times again for amusement and knowledge.

Phenyo, you just introduced this thread to a whole new set of newbies! :)

I have a friend who is fond of the expression “Do bears crap in the woods…”

He said it recently when I was thinking of this thread, and I replied “Only if if there is a stream nearby”. ;) :confused:

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Originally Posted by _Phoenix_
Thanks supersizeit for teaching us the art of Kung Poo.

Way funny.


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