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Anyone tweezing?

Anyone tweezing?

Tweezing the hairs on the shaft?

Let me know how it has worked for you. I am considering it.



:eek2: Buster, when you’re finished with that-how about bamboo splints under the fingernails?

:chuckle: Seriously-I’ve never tried it, but don’t think I could stand to do a lot of that. I usually shave the area at least once a week.

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Oh man

That has GOT to be painful! I would rather keep shaving or wax- I will be interested to hear from those that do it, though.

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If you want to tweeze(?)/Wax your dick, you first must use Kalo OR Surgi Hair Stop. They will break down the hair and make it much easier to pull them out! And the best part is, after some time the hair will stop come out!

Go to

and write:

Surgi Hair Stop

Re: Tweezing

I use tweezers to remove the hair from my shaft and around the base of my dick. It is not nearly as bad as it sounds. After you get over your initial aversion to the idea, it doesn’t really hurt. After many months of tweezing, the hair on my shaft has gotten finer and finer and less hairs seem to be growing.

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I to have plucked ALL hairs and now are hairless.The first time is a bit painfull but after that it gets easier and the hairs get finer and finer untill they seem to stop growing

Regards Eight

Yeah, that is what I’ve heard from others.

Kinda odd that we have an aversion to plucking hairs off our dick, but no big deal about hanging 10-20 pounds off our dick.

Now WTF is that about??!! hehehe :D

Go for it Buster. I tweeze and wax and apart from ingrowing hair no problems. I’ve used surgistop, it doesn’t work for me but I have pretty thick hair.

The only problem with tweezing is the time it takes. You’ll probably while away hours :)

damn right. I just did it. WOW!

I took about 10 minutes or so. I got most of the shaft done. I’ll finish tomorrow night.

Here’s the thing - it’s a LOT less painful than pulling a hair out of your scalp. MUCH, much less painful. Some of them had hardly any feeling at all.

Key - do them one at a time. Get a good tweezers, grab it about halfway down the hairshaft or towards the follicle and give it a light tug. At first you’ll probably crank ‘em off to avoid what you perceive as ‘pain’. Then you’ll realize it’s not worth it. Just start plucking - plink, plink, plink. The underside and sides can be a bit touchy, but still no big deal. Top of shaft is pretty painless.

I think the concept of pain in this is about 95% mental. Of course, I am a blond and don’t have that heavy Mediterranean hair. You guys are screwed in this. Best just to look like a monkey, I guess.

Wow. It’s smooth, hairless, and stands out like crazy (I usually trim back anyways, but now it’s very prominent). Pretty freakin’ cool.

I’d say ‘give it a yank’. One hair won’t kill you. And I will never, never shave again. That by itself is a wonderous thing.

I'm interested in doing this...

cos i don’t like the whole hedgehog dick thing you get with shaving.

What about ingrown hairs though?

Doesn’t it cause a fair bit of hassle?

cheers for any info….

See Ya,


Hedgehog Dick - LOL!

That was good.

I don’t know about the in-grown hair thing. I suppose it’s equal to the possibility of shaving. I’ll report back on what I come up with.

It’s so easy I actually started doing some of the random chest hairs that I have this AM. I don’t have a lot of chest hair, so am considering doing that tiny, sparse patch in the center of my chest.

The thing with tweezing/plucking is that after awhile the skin gets irritated. There’s no pain in the process to really speak of, but you can only do so much at a time.

But to me it’s worth it. Makes my dick look MUCH bigger.

BigJ, ingrown hairs are a problem with any non permenant form of hair removal from the root. Its not a biggie, if I wax my chest and pubic area I will get maybe 2 hairs that don’t regrow nicely. Not a problem just free it up with a sterilised needle and everything is fine.


:) yeah but where do you stop. How far can you go down the shaft and area around it before your dick doesn’t look any bigger? Its probably quite a way :)

Wax the chest, sounds like you’ll do it in one go.

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