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Abs stimulator: Do they work?

Abs stimulator: Do they work?

Hi guys, I hope I have written in the right section. I’d like to know your opinion about the electo-stimulators for abs. Do you think they really works or not?

First of all I want to say that I already know they don’t do miracles, luckly I have a low body fat percentage and just want to know if they could help in some way.

The past weeks I saw many ads about “Xpower” sponsored by Cristiano Ronaldo and “Premfit” sponsored on Instagram by a lot famous people. I don’t believe at all at this kind of products, so I’m looking for someone who already tried them and can give me a personal opinion.

I hope I wrote in a good English, I’m sorry if I made some mistakes.

If they worked a lot of people would like them to everyone would have rock solid abs, that said they cause the muscle to contract and release in waves that will make them feel “Firmer” in my opinion it’s no different to tensing your abs and releasing regularly and if tension and release of muscles worked I’d have 40 inch biceps by now ;)

In a word, “no”.

I havent personally tried but I doubt they work. Well, I had one on for 5 minutes and it was horrible. My brother bought one when we were teenagers and used it religously with no success. Do running with high knees and sit-ups, weighted sit-ups and sit-up twists etc, you’ll get the abs you desire and improve your cardio-vascular health too ;)

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If it doesn’t leave your abs screaming afterwards, don’t expect muscle growth. If it were that easy, everybody would have washboard abs.

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In Australia the consumer watchdog sued and won over false claims around these devices.

However I did meet a model at a conference who claimed it worked but you had to leave it on most of the day.

No that don’t work! One of my friend had one when I was 16Yo.. I’m now 39! So if this shit was working every gym should be close since that!

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No, avoid. Abs are made in the kitchen.

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