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ZMA & cottage cheese

ZMA & cottage cheese

I am interested in taking ZMA and eating cottage cheese at night before bed, but the ZMA directions say not to take it with food or calcium-containing supplements. Would it work to take the ZMA about an hour before bed then eating the cottage cheese immediately before? Else how can I get the best of both?



Hey Tex,

ZMA - you mean the Zinc and Magnesium supplement that
inhibits muscle catabolism by reducing cortisol levels - right?

I found a website selling ZMA (link bellow) and they do say that zinc and magnesium absorption is decreased by calcium and sodium. That is why they are recommended to be taken 30-60 minutes before bedtime on an empty stomach.

Circulating levels of Zinc and Magnesium reach their peak within 90 minutes of taking them so if you eat the cottage chease about two hours after the ZMA it is probably ok.

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