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is 55 mgs of zinc excessive?


In my 2 year PE and exersize program, I lost about 20 lbs. My hair started to thin big time. Hmmm, weight loss to fast?, lack of protein?. maybe genetics (don’t think so), anyway, no one but me noticed the loss. Zink is good for hair and ejaculate volume, however too much is reputed to be dangerous. Just a supposition, but I think I was OD’ing on Zink. And I think it was the cause of my hair thinning. At any rate, 15 mg per day is the recommended dosage, by accident I was doing about 50 when I added up all the suppliments I was doing. You need some copper to mitigate some side effects also. Yet another case of too much of a good thing is usually bad.

my multivitamin has 40 grams of sink and my antioxidant pill has 15 grams.

zinc and copper


In that time period, were you taking 2mg of copper ?


im on 2 mg of copper. should I be worried? is 55 mgs of zink too much? it adds to 55 with my multi and anti oxidant pill. I think i’m experiencing some hair loss. Should I take more copper?


From what I’ve read, 2mg of copper is supposed to be enough.
If you losing hair due to too much zinc, take less… Even on GNC/LEF sites, were they usually recommend higher dosages, it’s written that 50mg for a long period of time is ALOT.


i’m taking this antioxidant pill and a multi vitamin that 40 mgs of zinc. what should i do?

Why not stop taking one of your pills, or find a multi-vitamin without minerals. Stuff like this is your own choice. You were advised that you were taking too much zinc, so it is up to you to figure out what to do from there.

Also, if you continue to post about the same topic to ask for advice and then ignore the advice, the other members are either going to ignore you, complain about you or I am going to suspend your posting priviledges to keep the majority of the members happy. Your choice.

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From the GNC site:

“Zinc inhibits copper absorption. Copper deficiency can result in anemia, lower levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol, or cardiac arrhythmias.27 28 29 Copper intake should be increased if zinc supplementation continues for more than a few days (except for people with Wilson’s disease).30 Some sources recommend a 10:1 ratio of zinc to copper. Evidence suggests that no more that 2 mg of copper per day is needed to prevent zinc-induced copper deficiency. Many zinc supplements include copper in the formulation to prevent zinc-induced copper deficiency. Zinc-induced copper deficiency has been reported to cause reversible anemia and suppression of bone marrow.31”

“Zinc competes for absorption with copper, iron,34 35 calcium,36 and magnesium.37 A multimineral supplement will help prevent mineral imbalances that can result from taking high amounts of zinc for extended periods of time.”

So, it’s not just copper.



is there a health board with question and answer topics about supplementation?


I will go ahead and chyme in on this one. Briefly, I have felt 15 mg/day a good level for zinc supplementation, and I would generally not want to exceed 30 mg/day.


What is the “best” form of zinc to take (chelated, glucaonate, picolinate, etc.). What is the optimum zinc to copper ratio. I was noticing different ratios from different manufactures (all claiming to be the “optimum” ratio).

I just purchased a copper/zinc combo from NOW FOODS. It has 30 mg zinc (from L-Opti Zinc monomethionine) and 300mcg copper (as Amino Acid Chelate). The side of the bottle states: “L-OptiZinc is a patented form of zinc complexed with the amino acid methionine in a 1:1 ratio. Research has demonstraated this product to be better absorbed and retained longer compared to several other forms of zinc tested”.

Is this stuff good? The store clerk said NOW FOODS is a very high quality product.

I recieved an email response from Nature’s Way about zinc and was told they found no differences in absorption and utilization in the body between the various types of zinc.

Try using ZMA, which contains zinc aspartate, and it really works!

You do realize this thread hasn’t been alive since early 2002…..which is more than 3 years ago?

Jafar_t, I have fallen into the old thread trap as well. Shall I guess that you were reading the currently active ZMA thread and this one showed up at the bottom of the page under “Similar Threads”?

Just above the members name in each post you can find the date and time of that post. :)


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