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Yohimbine timing help please

Yohimbine timing help please

Iv read everywhere that taking yohimbe (active ingr yohimbine) keeps most people up for ages and that if one wants to take it they should take it first thing in the morning so that the alertness wears out by the time one wants to go to bed. Now yohimbine is meant to give guys super hard and full boners right? So if one takes it first thing in the morning is it still going to give those super boners at night? Or is one going to to have to take the good with the bad, take the stuff an hour before sex time ( ——> prob at night) and benefit from the yohimbine rock hardons and just deal with the insomnia?

Also, the yohimbe pills that I’m going to get are 6% yohimbine, is this good enough?

Thanks guys


I find it works about 6-8 hours, so I take it between noon and 3pm. It’s a great drug, I use 4%. But it has side effects. Aside from the flush and horniness, if I take it a few days in a row it makes me mildly paranoid and a little more aggressive and prone to anger.

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