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Okey, hehe…. Did you buy the same thing? I guess the others don’t appreciate Swedish. Kan jag tänka mig i alla fall. Do you know if we can get these enlargement pills somewhere except on the american homepages? Shipping cost of 25 dollars… =/

My wife is korean so I´m provided with ginsengproducts in any form, concentration, quality and aggrgate state and I tell you that it has no noticable effects. I take it to get rid of all those pills, tinctures and teas my parents in law send. :gulp:
I also tried to bribe the customs not to let that stuff in our country but unfortunatly they refused.

But who knows maybe I grow 150 years old.

By the way, what is Tribestan?

Keep gaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Cow, forgett about those pills and learn how to “connect” to your body and dick, it´s the only thing that works, and it´s free :-)


Tribestan is Tribulis terrestris a berie that can up your test count.
Didn´t work much for me, and it´s expensive.


okey, but as there are no side effects I´ll take those Ginseng tablets anyway… It has been researched that it makes you more alert and logical and so o…n bla bla, but anyway I´d like to believe in it :) Suppose I´ll need it in the dark autum up here in Scandinavia.

Pan: Do you know where we can get L-arigine? And what price in swedish crowns then :)

Restarting everything.


check out a healthfood store that sells products from Twinlab and/or Great Earth/Great Body, if they don´t have it in stock they should be able to bring some in for you.

About supplements,

there is nothing that comes close the effects you get from eating right nutritious food.



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