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Yohimbe Effects


Yohimbe Effects

This thread is for peoples experiences with Yohimbine.

I’ll satrt with mine:

I’m 23.

I’m using a bottle of 400mg Yohime pills (2% Yohimbine). It suggests taking 3 pills, 1300mg of Yohimbe (24mg of Yohimbine) per serving.

1st day:

After reading all the very bad side effects from people I decided to take it slow & only have one pill (8mg of Yohimbine), it did nothing so I had another two (24mg of Yohimbine), I expected to get a huge hard on instantly, I didn’t so I had another one (32mg of Yohimbine).

For a few seconds I got a head spin & my heart accelerated but this quickly went away. I didn’t get a hard dick so I decided to jerk off & see the effects, it seemed like I had a more intense orgasm than usual but I couldn’t be sure.

Later that night when I went to sleep I put on a DVD & had to turn off the TV because the light was annoying me (this never happens to me), then I fell asleep without a problem.

No huge side effects, & no clear positive effects either.

2nd day:

I had the recommended serving of 1300mg (24mg of Yohimbine) in the morning, I did my PE & then masturbated.

I had a huge orgasm & during noticed my heart was racing, after it became normal.

Intense orgasm, accelerated heart rate.

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I have never taken more than 300mg at one time. I have been using “Hot Plants,” which also includes Maca, Horny Goat Weed, Rhodiola, Panax Ginsend Root).

Previously (when I have taken Yohimbe alone), my side effects are cold, clammy sweats and shivering, even if I am in a normally heated room (72 degrees F.)

In addition, if I take it too close to bedtime, I have trouble getting to sleep. I am simply too wired.


In the two years I took Yohimbe the only thing I noticed was that I also had to take it in the morning. Anytime after noon or so and I was wired for the rest of the day. As for positive sexual effects, I never noticed any.

My experiences with Yohimbine/yohimbe…

Good wood, great orgasms, enhanced focus and concentration.

Tight balls, chills/goose bumps, diarrhea, increased heart rate, insomnia.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

As an older guy, yohimbe really helped erectile quality and quickness. It is dangerous stuff if you have high blood pressure. At 23, a man is in the prime of his life and I can see why MartinC would not discern any effects on erectile quality. At any age, yohimbe is a drug to use very cautiously.

I tried one 400mg Yohimbe pill (2% Yohimbine) and got rock hard-on after 25 to 30 minutes of ingesting the stuff.

Side effects were over-alertness and insomnia. I thrashed the bottle.

How old are you kbvk?

I bought a different brand of Yohimbe pill, maybe these will have more of an effect on me.

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I’m 29.
Which brand didn’t work for you?
Which brand are you going to try now?

I tried Twinlab Yohimbe Fuel. It’s a good product I believe except for worthless side effects I experienced with it.

Originally Posted by kbvk
I’m 29.
Which brand didn’t work for you?


Which brand are you going to try now?

Puritan’s Pride…&CPID=1066&np=1

I tried Twinlab Yohimbe Fuel. It’s a good product I believe except for worthless side effects I experienced with it.

Problem is the cost, product & also postage to Australia. If the second brand I try doesn’t show different effects compared to the first it’s likely others will be the same.

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kbvk: I tried yohimbe, too. It worked but I found that the effects diminished rapidly after two to three weeks. It is a supplement that needs to be recycled frequently.

BTW, your physique is amazing…. you can become a model!

jafar_t, thanks for the info on Y.

And thanks for your comments on my physique.

Most of my friends tell me why don’t I try modelling.

I have a good, secured job that is fetching me good money and I don’t want to take risk by changing my career.

I lift weights to keep myself fit, healthy and ATTRACTIVE. :)

kbvk: With PE, you will be even more attractive! You can do modelling on the side though. There is no need to give up your regular job.

I tried the GNC Horny Goat Weed as you said, and it works wonders!!!!! But then again it needs cycling because the effects diminish greatly after 3 weeks.

Jafar_t, I agree. My PE has made me more attractive to my wife. :-)

I don’t know if I should give modelling a try at this moment. As usual quite busy with my work though.

BTW, I told you about the prolab HGW weed, not GNC one. I have not tried GNC HGW. Anyways, it’s good that it works for you.

I used Yohimbe in the past but never again. As Japp mentioned, it causes diarrhea, increased heart rate, and insomnia. Be careful!

A week of use:

I have been using 1300mg of Yohimbe per day taken in the morning.

No diarrhea or insomnia or any sexual changes.

I believe I have become more aggressive than I usually am, I don’t let little things go as easily as I normally would.

I have grown 0.3cm in length in the last week after about a month of Plateau.

Not saying that Yohimbe does or helps grow or dick just stating what I experienced in the time frame.

If you belive you can achive, just look at me - Tupac Shakar

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