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Yoghurt and Precum


Originally Posted by Idreamfilthy
Big time increase! Especially yogurt with natural fruit

Might I also ask what the details are for your increase? This is a quest of mine so I’d be curious as to specifics - type of yogurt, did you already have precum, how long did it take to notice change, etc?

Have you tried it without oats/muesli? Same results?

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Originally Posted by Vikingwhore
Note to self: buy some yogurt.

Note to self: buy some yogurt as a starter. Make yogurt at home from then on.

Is it.. The probiotics?

I think perhaps it is the probiotics in the yogurt, rather than the yogurt itself. I’ve tried taking massive probiotics as a pre-sex erection booster. Works great, but I got a little light headed until I ate more food.

Well I drink kefir or cultured milk as I grew up with it other like youghurt.and similar these days called pro biotic are basically the same some sweeted others not for the so called purist or raw organic consumers.But it is the first time I’ve heard that.

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