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Yet another NOX2 question...

Yet another NOX2 question...

Hello all (I haven’t posted in here in months!)

I’m home from school for the summer and want to restart both PE and my lifting routine. Thing is, with both I’m pretty out of shape. I couldn’t keep up my PE routine very well at school and lifting went downhill as the year drew on.

I’ve read a lot about NOX2 and it’s said to help both PE and the gaining of muscle mass, so it’s something I’d be interested in….but it’s so expensive. My question is, is it worthwhile to starting taking the NOX2 at the beginning of my routines or should I wait until I’m say, 4-5 months in?

Thanks in advance.

I would start immediately. It should help with muscle recovery as well.

Looks like I have my answer, thanks guys :)

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