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I was browsing through for more phenibut and found it was removed and not merely an out of stock item. Sent an email asking if they were going to be selling more phenibut anytime soon but no reply back. Checked their forums and found a post by “1fast400” saying he is the previous owner and that the new owner is “going another way” meaning there would not be anymore phenibut. <— link to above mentioned forum thread

The website was given by “1fast400” as a place to buy the powder now.

Yeah, what the hell is phenibut?

Seems like some kind of sleeping aid!!

Strange post !

The most common reasons people have posted for taking phenibut are anxiety and stress. The anxiety and stress effects of phenibut build tolerance very fast in fact I have never had the experience I had the first time I took it. But in addition to that I get better blood flow and sex drive from taking it long after the anxiety and stress effects have nearly dis-appeared. Other effects include greater sensation all over my body IMO!

Erections I get are more frequent and often I am fully erect when normally I would not be during the day. IE: more frequent erections during the day and often I am compelled to grab it and stroke which for me is unusual but like I was saying there is a great increase in sex drive for me. This could just be me but I will likely not be doing much if any PE unless I am taking something and phenibut is working good.

I asked once before on thunders if anyone else had any PE effects from phenibut but no replies so I guess its either unused by others or not having the same effect. In any case I thought it was a good reason to post about it again to see what others would say.

As for sleep… I have taken it trying to sleep it did nothing for me except after I did get to sleep I do not wake up as easily.

I got 100g of phenibut in 2007 from these guys:

I take it to help relax, and stay asleep. I sometimes have trouble waking up and staying up in the middle of the night. With phenibut I stay asleep all night.

I also take this MRM product called Relax-All, that has phenibut in it:

I usually take that stuff on Friday or Saturday nights when I indulge in a hit or two of weed and have extended porn-fueled whack off/girth enhancement sessions. Good pot sometimes brings on anxiety for me, but three capsules of Relax-All takes the edge off, and helps me get to sleep faster. I also think it makes orgasms more intense. Pot on its own makes orgasms more intense, but the phenibut seems to relax my seminal plumbing and extends the length of the cum contractions. Google search [phenibut orgasm] for more discussion.

One precaution: be careful with the dosage. When I take straight phenibut, I usually keep it to one 000 gelatin capsule, which I somehow measured once years ago to be around 750 mg. But, I’m embarrassed to say that last fall I made the mistake of reading this post by Redzulu over at MOS (…ead.php?t=23713) where he recommended 1-3 grams at a time. I tried two grams. The next morning I was so nauseous I could barely move. I threw up a bunch of times and had a rippin’ headache, but couldn’t keep down pain killers. My wife was about to take me to the emergency room. It wore off by about noon that day, but I was miserable. I now have some idea what morning sickness must feel like.

Why do people self-medicate on strange stuff like this? Especially when they don’t know how much to take or what the side effects might be.

Just asking, not criticizing.

That post by redzulu2003 is the same one that introduced me to phenibut… Just FYI my first experience that I said I had never had again is because I have never taken that much again =P First day I tried 2 grams then another 2 then another 2 then another 2… felt awesome and even watched a twilight zone tv show and found out I do have emotions LOL Knew they were in there someplace ROFL (I felt bad and even cried at a war crimes episode). That was the good of it the bad was I also puked clear yuck from my stomach a few times =< I did experiment with big doses like that again and quickly learned the puking is because the phenibut is stuck in my stomach if I drink water or eat that urge to up-chuck disappears. Taking 3ish grams once a day is enough for me to have a good effect.

Just FYI emotions were not all bad but I reacted to what I was watching strongly… watching war crimes I was sad, watching penis pill TV I was horny as fuck thinking about sex and porno-chicks and very happy, etc, etc…

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