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Without Scales

Without Scales

Someone that has scales I ask this question?

The powder tadalafil if measured into a container metered out into ML’s, “example: a cup atop a Nyquil bottle”.

What would 1 gram of powder tadalafil equal too ?

As I may be ordering the 5 grams, need someone with scales to measure a gram for me !

I think you would be fairly accurate to go with 1 gram equals 1 ml.

I could tell you the weight of powdered sildenafil, but it may or may not be close to the Tadalafil.

Bulk densities of powders vary a lot. The link below shows a table of bulk densities and you can see they can vary from 1/10 that of water to over 3 times that of water (water = 1g/cc = 1g/ml)…ity_Chart_A.htm

Horny Bastard

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Thanks yall.

I’ll probably, yes decided to get the 2 grams again and measure it out then when I get it.

Measure it out into a metered test tube for future reference. That is if I don’t break down and get

A scale!

Was hoping someone with a scale could guessulate a measurement for me.

Go to a head shop and you can buy a little jewelers scale for 20 or 30 bucks.

Horny Bastard

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