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Will this Ginkgo work?


PS. I realize this is a lot. Don’t freak out. Listen - at the minimal just think like this.

If man touched food, it’s junk. Vegetables and protein at minimum. Then if you have money left over, quality multivitamin. If you have more money, fish oil or udo’s choice which is a flax oil blend (best on earth)

Think “non processed food” and don’t get overwhelmed. BUT - you must dedicate a little time for this. Eating good = work. But eating shit = more work = doctor visits = working your ass off to lose weight, prescriptions.

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That’s a lot to take in but a lot of makes sense to me. Thanks for taking the time to post all this information up it’s very much appreciated and I can assure has not gone to waste. In fact I’m off to the grocery today to get some fresh veg in for my meals this week. I know there’s much more to it than that but that’s my starting point.

The lack of energy thing definitely applies to me, and I really notice it. When I have a takeaway later that night or evening I’m lethargic and the next day I’m exhausted. No energy, no focus and not sharp at all. Anything I eat that day then feels like it’s just stocking up in my gut, I feel bloated and fat and ineffective. I have a good couple of days with what I eat and I’m sharp, energetic and strong as an ox and my food is digested efficiently and I don’t need lots of it.

This part of it is important to me because of my job and being in the position I’m in charge of a shopping centre’s security and health and safety I really need to be extremely sharp and on the ball. If I’m not then I am outta there! So this is why I’m so interested in this and have no excuse now. If I want change it is down to me to get of my (fatish) ass and do something about it. Make that change and turn things around in terms of my health and energy levels.

I would also love to motivate my fiance into this way of thinking because she is a little overweight, don’t get me wrong I love thick, chunky women but I can tell she is not happy the way she is and is seriously lacking in energy, has very little sex drive and has some extremely bad eating habits which, in relationships, can often mean that the partner tends to pick up as well. However, she enjoys mayo so she will be happy to hear that if you pick the right type it’s actually not that bad for ya. As for the foods you have mentioned I eat them all and so does the missus, we don’t buy them much but we do like them and would be happy to live on them as our primary dietary sources so there’s no resistance there it’s just the discipline needed to go out, buy it, store it properly, plan the meals ahead of schedule and then prepare the foods. This is time consuming however that is not an excuse, at least not an acceptable one.

I’ve not seen a crock pot before, I can’t afford one right now but I will keep that in mind. I do have a steam cooker/pot type thing and I have blenders and stuff so that side of it is no problem.

Speaking of maca and supplements, have you heard of Matcha tea?

Here’s an ebay link to someone selling some…e=STRK:MEWAX:IT

This stuff gets you quite focused and alert and reduces hunger pangs and I can testify that it works. It’s very expensive in stores but quite reasonable in this ebay listing so I will be getting some more for sure. Like Maca you can’t have it late at night or you’ll be running around the house cleaning it from top to bottom while listening to Metallica and talking about running the Boston marathon but used according to instruction it is effective and does what is says on the tin. It also really levels out your mood and tunes you in better. That sounds strange but while you have a good bit of energy and focus you are calmer with it, more relaxed and able to make great decisions and have better insight/ understanding from assessing a situation better. That’s why Samurai warriors used to take it just before going into battle I guess (that is their selling point actually)

Anyways, thanks again you’ve been a fantastic help and I’ll be back with a ton of questions I’m sure :)

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Originally Posted by kfarrelldba
The best thing for me is not mixing complex carbs, proteins and starches. Disciplining myself to eating them separately has produced staggering results as far as eliminating years of digestive problems and heartburn and feeling like crap.

Originally Posted by kfarrelldba

Meals. Eat protein @ every meal, period. Chicken, eggs, beef. @ dinner have a complex carb with dinner (potato, brown rice) this will fill you up.

Snacks between meals. Apples and walnuts. Apples = superior digestion and shitting. Walnuts = protein and hunger control between meals. Raisins as well.

Remember. Protein @ every meal.

Get a crock pot. Put some tomatoes in it. Celery, carrots, chicken breast. Organic chicken broth.

Prep some rice and some of that chicken soup I mentioned. 1 hour total.

I’m confused.. rice = complex carb, no? chicken = protein, no? potato=complex carb + protein?? etc..

chicken beef eggs pork = protein

complex carbs = brown rice, potato

Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

“Meals. Eat protein @ every meal, period. Chicken, eggs, beef. @ dinner have a complex carb with dinner (potato, brown rice) this will fill you up. “

I’m confused because you say you don’t mix protein and complex carbs and then you say something like the above quote, which I interpret as mixing the two..?

Get your maca from

mountainroseherb company in pacific northwest. Google it

11 bucks a pound. Quality stuff. Organic. Regulated. Tested.

I got some ginkgo from there recently too. Not as good as the 1fast400 stuff (they are out - as of a week ago) but I’m not sure how much to take as there is not info on the package as they are afraid of getting sued. Love this country. Unites States of Law Suits.

Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

what about fish?


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