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Who tried pge-1 from cayman for chem pe chempe help pls

Who tried pge-1 from cayman for chem pe chempe help pls

The pge-1 from cayman is affordable and they also sell igf-1 (not lr3) which is supposed to have a local effect.
I am sure there are some ppl who tried it and I hope I’ll get some links /answers to my quest(ion) for my chem pe plan, ill be doin asap, but I am not sure as the purity of the prostaglandin e1 from cayman is 99% and the 1% is not approved for human use so I am unsure.

Who tried to use it and with what kind of results?

Now I’ve read that the user dw bought his pge-1 from there in large quantities and sold it to others, where some reported penis injuries, damn.. I hoped I found a cheap resource for alprostadil, which is pretty expensive from a usual pharmacy :/

But anyway the whole excessive chem pe enthusiasm is vanishing slowly after I’ve read so many reports with no good gains

I have read that part of the problem with chemical PE is that repeated injections leads to scarring of the penile tissues. Thus, disregarding possible negative effect from the chemicals, simply the act of injecting itself may lead to fibrosis. This method seems very risky to me just sharing one of the risks I have heard in case you may not have read it.

I know, it’s very important to know how, where to inject and all in a perfectly sterile manner, or you will risk an injury.
But my concern is because of the stuff they sell and if it’s applicable for human use. In the document it says not for human use only for research.

It’s purity is 98% and afaik the purity of the pharmaceutical is the same. I phone called the company and the sales guy told me that the 2% left could lead to problems which is not tested. The companies who sell it as a medicine, test it first. Also he told me, that they have no right to sell it as a medicine or human use, so I guess it still could be fine to use.

As we have quite some us-members, who used it?

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