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Which card for international purchases?

Which card for international purchases?

Purchased a VISA prepaid card at Wallgreens for purchasing generic drugs internationally. The card is titled “Online Shopping” and is marketed by

Nowhere on the outside of the packaging is there any reference to international purchases but since it is marketed for “Online Shopping” I did not give that a thought.

I tried to make a purchase from ADC. Card declined. Upon investigating the card cannot be used for international purchases. Aggravating.

So, my question is does anybody know what VISA card issuer has a card that CAN be used for international purchases?

I prefer to not use my actual bank cards.

Capital One - don’t know if they have a prepaid card or not though…

Thanks. I ended up using Paypal which should have some security. Order placed and is being “dispensed”. Looking forward to trying the product.


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