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Where to get Tongkat Ali in UK

Where to get Tongkat Ali in UK

Just wondered if anyone knew anywhere good to get Tongkat Ali in the UK (in capsule form)
Also if anyone could recommend any good brands etc it would be most appreciated.


You can buy it on Ebay and they will ship it to the UK.

In the UK Tongkat is considered a medicine by the MHRA(medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency). You can check this on their website.

Hence its a bit of a grey area to sell tongkat in the UK. This was brought to my attention on the forum of a UK supplement manufacturer that I sometimes buy from.

You can still buy it on the net anyway, just don’t expect to find in on the high-street supplement stores’ websites.

Just want to add that I have yet to try tongkat myself.

2005-05-10 Bpel: 6.188 Eg: 4.875

2005-06-29 6.375 4.875

You can order online, for example here:


A lot of info here:


I took it - as an experiment - for a few weeks and it tripled my free testosterone blood level. It made me pretty horny as well and workout at the gym with heavier than usual weights was children play. Makes a little aggressive though. And tastes like shit. No - worse. It’s the bitterest stuff I can think of.

Later - ttt

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