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Where to get L-Arginine

Where to get L-Arginine

I know I can get it at GNC, but I heard I can get it cheaper elsewhere. Does anybody have any websites where I can order it from, and is there different grades of L-Arginine that is better than others?

Thanks for your help!

Try there, when I worked out, that’s where I got all of my stuff at, they have great prices.


'I won't be the one left behind, you can't be king of the world if you're slave to the grind.' charges $25/lbs That used to be a good price, don’t know if you are gettint it cheeper.

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Try here. The first two choices, depending on if you want powder or capsules. It might take a while to get it shipped, but they are really good people to deal with.

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I Appreciate all of your responces! I’ll check out those website.


Unless you decide to buy in bulk (like in 10+ kilo lots) You will have a hard time beating $16/lbs So…click on KingUbu’s link.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

i got mine from vitamin adventure, and the taste is inhumanly possible to bear. Everything i tried it cover the taste becomes so bitter. So i plug my nose and down it. Anyone else have this problem.

p.s. mine is also free form

so you guys never heard of Wal-Mart?

They have bottles for about $4 and it seems to work better than another brand I used that cost around $12

West: $4 for… how much?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I threw away the bottle they came in & put them in a bottle with other pills in it…..but probably 50 or 60.

I got my L-Arginine yesterday. The instructions say take 1/2 teaspn.

How many times sould I take it in a day and when in the day should I take it.


i take 8000mg per day

I usually get mine from Beyond A Century. Run a search on google for the actual URL.

They have a nice powder “Buffered Arginine” product that also contains Choline, B5, Ginkgo, Niacin, and some other stuff.

Tastes like ass…but it does work well.

I usually combine the following:

4g Buffered Arginine
10g Lecithin
1g - 2g Acetyl L-Carnitine

I get all of these powders (well…Lecithin isn’t a powder per say…) from BAC as well. Throw them all into a glass in the AM and PM, mix with water and slug it down. Yes it’s horible tasting and texture wise (Lecithin) but it has a variety of benefits.

If anyone has any questions on the ‘stack’ or other supps, please let me know.


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