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Where to buy MaHuang


Where to buy MaHuang

Does anyone know where to buy Ripped Fuel Chocolate powder with MaHuang? I will pay dearly for it.


As you probably know, sale of MaHaung, ephedra, and ephedrine has been banned in the US since April.

See…Mahuang,00.html among many others.

I’ve heard that Ma Haung is still available at Chinese herb shops. If you have a Chinatown in your city you might look around there.

Oh, and also: please don’t double post.

This is fucking crazy!! I can all over the internet and buy Absinthe, steroids and pot, …

…but no Ephedra? WTF???

Because the cost of your life is too much for you to pay. When it was banned, it was banned for a reason and probably isn’t worth going the extra mile to get it under the scope.

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I once took a diet pill containing ephedra and 45 minutes later I had a sudden pain in my chest like I had been slammed with a hammer. The instructions said to take more than one, but because it was my first time taking it I had decided to just take one to start with. Never felt anything like that before or since and I never took any more of that bottle.

Ike, I posted under “bodybuilding” and “supplements.” Two separate groups I would think.

I find it interesting that MaHuang has been used safely in China for 4000 years, then Americans take it die. I claim bullshit. I can go online right now and buy the most expensive, dangerous steroids out there, but MaHuang, “Oh no! Boy that shit will kill ya’!”

I can find Absinthe and pot seeds, but no MaHuang. I’m hate to be the one to break it to a few of you, but I’ve taken it for years with no side effects.

I am not asking to be lectured to. I just wanted to draw upon the wealth of knowledge on this board and see if anyone knows where to get some.


They would ban it if it caused one person a problem I think, even if most can take it.

Interesting SIG O_O

Viagra kills many men each year, and remains legal. (a drug produced and controlled by corporations)

Yet kava kava (a herb that anyone could grow and couldn’t be controlled unless banned.) was banned allegedly because some people overdosed with it and got liver damage, they didn’t even die. Something shouldn’t be banned because a few individuals didn’t follow directions, I think that’s a little natural selection taking place. Besides, if they are going to say the harm of a few individuals is the grounds to ban something, then this should be applied to all substances.

Governments ban herbs so that rich pharmaceutical companies stay rich, they can control the production and price and even own a patent on the chemicals they make. But anyone can grow a herb and make money from it, and the price is subject to supply and demand, so they ban herbs so people buy expensive drugs instead.

But Hugh, I hope you know the effects of ephedra on your unit, it causes shrinkage from water loss which could dampen PE gains.

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Remember the goverment knows what is best for you and they don’t think you should take ephedra :)

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Dino, you are the FUCKIN’ MAN! Thanks!

Redwood, be watching for new avatars this week. There are NO holes in Bush’s campaign. I just want to know where the John Kerry at that “reinvention convention” was for 20 fucking years in the senate. He voted the most liberal the entire time, yet talks out of the side of his face now like he’s a goddamn moderate. What a piece of shit.



what does Bush & Kerry have to do with your search for MaHuang? I don’t get it.

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Is this substance in old style Ripped Fuel from approximately 10 years ago?

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