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Where to buy MaHuang


>Is this substance in old style Ripped Fuel from approximately 10 years ago?


Originally Posted by Ike
As you probably know, sale of MaHaung, ephedra, and ephedrine has been banned in the US since April.

Ephedrine itself isn’t banned. Our government banned the sale of supplements containing ephedra. Ephedrine itself - the drug - is still sold over the counter. It is found in Bronkaid, Primatine, various brands of stay-awake pills at truck stops and convenience stores, Vasopro and other brands online, etc.

Most of these have a cough suppressant (Guifenesin) added. I’m not sure why, probably to get around some stupid BS government regulation. I don’t like having to take it when all I want is pure ephedrine HCL.

Personally, I wouldn’t take an herbal form. Why? Because I don’t trust the manufacturers to properly standardize it, and even if they do standardize for ephedrine there are other, similar alkaloids present in unknown quantities. So, IMO, go for synthetic ephedrine if you’re going to stack. You’ll know what you’re taking.

I’m not sure why this craze over the herbal stuff began, probably from the manufacturers hyping it in combination with the tendency of the public to think that if something is “herbal” as opposed to a “drug” it must be better.

The ban is pure BS. No valid science behind it. I agree it was most likely done at the urging of drug companies to clear the way for their newer diet drugs. The EC (ephedrine and caffeine) stack is well-researched, safe and effective. As with anything, overdosing can cause problems. Also, some people are more sensitive than others to the initial “jittery” effects. Start out with a low dose and increase to no more than the recommended dose gradually. The jitters, increased heart rate and similar effects wear off over time, while the thermogenic effect of EC maintains or even increases.

Ephedrine by itself has no thermogenic effect. It must be combined with caffeine. The suggested dose is 20mg ephedrine and 200mg of caffeine taken 3x per day. DO NOT start by taking that much. Try a single half dose of 10/100 on the first day and see how it affects you.

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If your looking for suppliments for weightloss, I’d recommend taking NOX2 as I find it’s really made me more lean, and also try CLA.(which has been scientifically shown to decrease body fat while increasing lean mass over a few monthes. And with exercise this effect is amplified.)

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As usual, you are dead on. The ban is total BS. IMHO, bans like this are brought on my the lawyers who sue the fuck out of every company who manufactures/sells it, and it puts undue force on the FDA to do something about it and they ban it.


I’m just fucking with you. I think both parties are fucked, I just pick the party that I think is “least fucked.” Sad, but true. And I just love the rush I get from Ephedra. I need it in the evenings after work to get a good workout.


Ma huang has been used safely in China for thousands of years, and continues to be used safely here. In the chinese form, which is the herbal form. True you have to be able to discern which herbal company to trust but that’s not to difficult.

The real health problems from ma huang start when western science gets their dissecting paws on them. They isolate what they find is the “active” component and standardize that and package it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I’ll say it for the third time in this thread, its been used safely for thousands of years. In its herbal form.

I used to use an herbal tincture and gradually increased the dosage well beyond the recommended levels, just to see what would happen. When I was at 400%-500% I started to notice some mild adverse side effects, similar to having a double esspresso. When I took dosages ranging from 20%-300% I experienced the positive and intended effects with zero side effects.

Taken as speed it will do what all other speed does. You have the wrong approach to working out if you’re taking speed to improve your workout. I still get it from my acupuncturist but I’m not crazy about the form she gets it in. Its a bunch of dried branches and leaves that I have to boil and reboil for hours. I really miss that tincture, it was total bs to ever take that product off the market just because idiots misused a totally different product altogether, ignored the warnings, stacked it to insane amounts over insane lengths of time.

Definitely its about drug companies feeling threatened by herbal products that, when taken properly, are often superior to western style manufactured chemical concotions.

In any case, I got my source so I’m set. But since I’m not crazy about the form I am very interested in finding out about other places to get it. I just assumed that it was illegal except as prescribed by a health care professional. Now that I see some here claim it can be bought from other sources I’ll be on the look out and will share what I find. If anyone else finds any sources for ma huang please share. Thanks.

BTW, the effect I get is feeling really really awake, alert and motivated without feeling the LEAST bit “unnaturally” stimulated. I feel as if I hadn’t even taken any kind of supplement at all, its more like I just feel naturally well rested and vibrant.

It works best for me when I take 25%-50% the recommended dose combined with a small dose of korean ginseng.

“…it should be noted that many scientists and herbalists argue that use of the herb in whole plant form (Ma Huang) is even safer than the refined derivative (pure ephedrine & psuedoephedrine). In fact, studies show that the whole herb Ma Huang has a very low toxicity and little potential for side effects (Tang & Eisenbrand, 1992), and animal studies have failed to demonstrate carcinogenic or mutagenic potential for ephedrine. Further, ephedrine is rapidly eliminated from the human body — 88% of an oral dose is excreted in the urine within 24 hours, 97% after 48 hours (Hobbs, 1996). In Herbal Medicine for Everyone, British herbalist Michael McIntyre writes that while pure ephedrine may raise blood pressure, the “whole (ephedra) plant actually reduces blood pressure.” German medical herbalist Rudolph Fritz Weiss, M.D., maintains that the whole plant “has certain advantages (over psuedoephedrine). Above all, it is better tolerated, causing fewer…symptoms.” Finally, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) would regularly prescribe Ma Huang with other tonic herbs to improve safe consumption. This theory is maintained by TSN Labs, Inc. Our thermogenic products, Thin & Slim Naturally and Extreme Stack, were formulated by Mr. Steve Lee, a native of Taiwan. He is a graduate of Duquesne University of Pharmacy in Pennsylvania, with a Masters Degree in Industrial Pharmaceutics. Steve Lee=s professional experience in pharmaceutical chemistry has been extensive and diverse, including Laboratory Manager at the U.S. National Institute of Health. He has been instrumental in the formulation of a wide variety of health and nutritional products for as many as eight different companies. Mr. Lee has served on the FDA Advisory Committee for Herbal Medicines. Steve Lee brings to TSN Labs, Inc., a thorough understanding of pharmaceuticals and western medical practices, as well as a deep background in herbal medicines, whose safety and effectiveness have been proven in China and the rest of Asia for more than 5000 years. It is through this diverse knowledge of both the Oriental and Occidental worlds, that Mr. Lee has been able to formulate some of the safest and most effective natural dietary supplements on the market today.”

OK, OK, I’ll get off my soap box now.


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