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Where can I get more testosterone?

Where can I get more testosterone?


I suspect that my body doesn’t produce enough testosterone. Is there anything I can get over-the-counter that will increase my testosterone level?

Do those pills that combine a whole bunch of sexual helpers such as L-arginine, Maca, Horney Goat Weed, etc. into one tablet work? I know it has nothing to do with testosterone but what’s everyone’s opinion on those?

If you suspect a problem you should be tested by a doctor. Hormones are parts of the body’s regulation systems and should not be messed with without careful observation.

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MM is correct. Get some blood work done. Test for free testosterone and total testosterone. You’ll get back a range for your age. When I had it done and was told, for my age(than 49), my level was fine, I said to my doctor, I want to have the level of a 25 year old. He refused to give me a scrip for testosterone so I looked into precursors, pro-hormones. I cycle these pro-hormones(1-AD and 4-AD) several times a year and there is no doubt that my testosterone level increases while I’m taking them. Actually, it’s a very nice ride. Libido, strength, endurance, clarity all increase. Shame they’re illegal now.

Before you go to the doc, you could try:

1. Sleeping 8 hours a night.

2. Perform intense weight training workouts (squats!) that last no longer than 1 hour.

3. Eat a proper diet. Supplement with “good” fats.

4. Don’t smoke, drink or take drugs. Mara-ju-wana lowers T levels.


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I agree with JAPP: start taking care of yourself, start hitting the iron, you’ll notice a difference.

It is definitely possible that you’re on the low end of the spectrum, though. The human male testosterone level ranges from 300 - 1100 ng/dL, so there are some guys out there who just naturally have almost 4X the T level of others.

If you’re really seriously worried, see your doctor.


I’d get the blood test.

The mail saliva test is like 30-40 dollars.

Tribulus Terrestris will give you a testosterone boost, but the effect wears off if you take the herb for longer periods, I just take it when I want to have some wild sex.

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You can try to buy some of those HGH stuff

Originally Posted by larry29
Shame they’re illegal now.

A shame indeed. Bush probably stockpiled them before he banned them :p Watch him try to ban Viagra though :p “Why would he do that?” you might ask? He’ll probably find a way to make it “unchristian” or that his god spoke to him about it. (rant rant rant) :p

If you really have below normal testosterone levels a doctor will detect it for you and gladly subscribe you profit making drugs. They will be far better than any precursor hormones. He will also be able to measure the amount in your system so you will be able to find the exact dosage.

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There was some sort of brain disease being transfered through HGH products. If you want to up your HGH levels do it the safe way and take amino’s or take GABA.

Why are you wanting to do this anyways? For sexual charge, for more body hair, or what?

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What about aerobic exercises?

I think I heard Yohimbi bark might help.

Yohimbe only works part of the time because it is unstable, to get the full benefits from yohimbe it must be taken with ginger, either ginger root, ginger caps or perhaps ginger ale.
Ginger blocks pepcid in the stomach, and pepsid blocks yohimbe’s absorption, so in order to get the full benefits of yohimbe it must be taken with ginger—-this can boost testosterone levels temporarily.


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