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Where Can I Get Ephedra Or Ma Huang

Where Can I Get Ephedra Or Ma Huang

The has been lifted, but where can I buy some ephedra, ephedrine or ma huang - or even pseudo-ephedrine (that’s not cough medicine)?

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I don’t know enough to recommend a specific vendor but Google gets back plenty of places that want to sell it to you.

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Hey I have found some Brigham Tea on eBay for $10 a bottle (100 capsules). I’ll ride down to Vitamin Shoppe and Earth Fare tomorrow and see if I can find more. I read that starting November 1, 2007, the ban will be reinforced. The FDA is so corrupt.

Driver of a Lambourghini Dick

You can find ephedra at This is a great place and have done business with them three times. Very discrete and I have allways recieved my order within two weeks. Great place to do business. You have to look under oral steroids, then cutting. The name of the pill is super fly, 25mg at 1.27 a pill little more expensive since I last ordered it.

You can find Ma Huang in Ma Pantz…sorry, couldn’t resist :p

As the guy say’s above there are loads of places out there, I think even ebay sell it. I get mine from . They are quite cheap and reliable.

Shop around or just google it, there are plenty of sites

You can find ephedrine at Their prices are the best I’ve seen and lots of guys on this forum have purchased from them. Do a search on their name - they have very good feedback.

It’s legal in Canada.

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The fact that it is legal in Canada just goes to show that it shouldn’t of been banned in the first place!! By the way the site I mentioned earlier has got a sale on, I ve just stocked up for x-mas! But I bet they end up dropping prices even further and I will of lost out ! Just my luck

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