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When to take L-Arginine?

When to take L-Arginine?

I have read several threads but am still confused.
I am taking 1.5-2.5g every day.
.Is there any point in taking it on your off days?
.I heard that you should wait about three hours before taking it if you’ve just had some protein and wait another hour before consuming any more protein, is this true?
.Also, how long should I wait for the effects to kick in, so that I can pe. I’m guessing about an hour. And if I took it in the morning, could I still get the benefits if I did my routine in the evening? I was wandering how long the effects would last.

cheers guys,

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I take Arginine. I take it 3 times a day. Morning, afternoon and night. Just take it 30 minutes before meals. Food can diminish it’s effects. The effects will last for as long as you take Arginine. When you come off of it your perpetual pump will not be as strong.

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