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Whats a good fiber supplement?

Whats a good fiber supplement?

I’m on a high protein diet.

I like chlorella vulgaris. I get the Jarrow brand by the kilo, costs about 45 bucks from iherb.

Is benefiber any good. the commercials make it sound good.

Rasberries and pears. Blend em up and suck em down.

I love Fiber One bars (or their supermarket brand equivalent). 9 grams of fiber (35% DV) in each and they taste delicious. The ones with chocolate chips have 10 grams of sugar but 29 grams of overall carbs, probably due to the oats. Needless to say, they make a good dessert substitute. Might also want to try some Fiber One cereals, some have ridiculous amounts of fiber for their serving sizes. I haven’t tried any fiber supplements, but I’d rather just try and incorporate it into my diet. Don’t forget fruits and veggies. They have plenty.

Fiber One products make me very farty. As someone who suffers from chronic constipation, I have experimented with all sorts of fiber products. The best one I’ve come up with is Grape Nuts cereal topped with milled flax seeds. It’s like eating gravel but it will make you shit almost immediately. It swells up in your stomach and stimulates mass peristalsis of the GI very well. Fiber supplements are usually pretty expensive compared to just eating a bowl of cereal.

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Magnesium can get you going too. And help you sleep well at night.

I’m taking Fiber Choice. Two tablets a day and are chewable.

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I put a spoonful of xanthan gum in my protein shake for extra fibre, really makes it thicker and easier to digest.

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