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what will make me shoot monster loads?

Actually, now I have..

I’ve read most of the Life Extension manual at this point, some of it a few times. Verrry interesting.

I am about to try the L-arginine + L-glutamine + choline/B5 route. I am starting at 15g a day (taken right before bed) of L-arginine and will probably do free base or hydrochloride.

Taking 30g is pretty high to me, unless you weigh about 300lbs. They do mention starting at 1/4 of your target intake and working up to avoid side effects. Which I’ll do. I will also enchance with a choline/B5 supplement. Then 2g of L-glutamine in the AM…

The L-arginine pyroglutamate route (if I am remembering correctly) with L-lysine seemed very interesting. You take much smaller amounts of each - about 1.2g a day of each substance. But since the book is out on L-lysine’s role in stimulating the hormone growth, I am debating that.

I personally would never take that many capsules. I’d just as well take it in powder form, no matter how nasty. Much better absorption and I can get it for way cheaper that way. They even mention how impractical taking L-arginine capsules is for that load capacity. But if that doesn’t bother you, then I guess it’s no big deal. But IMO one of your turds is going to be nothing but pure capsule material! :)

I figure I can get the L-arginine, L-glutamine, choline/B5 for around $35-40 or less a month. I think that’s an awesome deal.

I am highly interested in this. Pretty excited, actually. The whole site makes me want to revise my supplementation outlook. I have also considered low dosage DHEA.

Q: what source are you using for supplements?

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Q: what source are you using for supplements?

I very highly recomend

Re: Actually, now I have..

Originally posted by BusterHymes

I personally would never take that many capsules. I'd But IMO one of your turds is going to be nothing but pure capsule material! :)

NO NO NO! Capsules are made of gelatin. It’s a protein and is digested. Makes you grow big and strong, etc. :blue:


"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

sorry about the time

ive been really busy its the longest ive ever been away from the forums, i think im going through withdrawal.

i take 1 x 500mg capsule.


Shooting for 9"


Twas a joke, the turd part. But I have to wonder if taking 30 capsules (for 15g of L-arginine @ 500mg per capsule) wouldn’t get me feeling sick? Second, what would be the absorption rate of 30 capsules? Would it be anywhere near as effective as powder form (that is, liquid)? I don’t know - I’ve never taken that much stuff in pill/capsule form.

Anyhow, I am thinking about going the L-arginine pyroglutamate + L-lysine route now. That’s supposed to be 1.2g of each substance a day, so that is about 3 capsules each (closest capsule quantities I can find are 450mg).

Anyone do their own capsule capping? I saw some stuff to do that.


I think 30 capsules of anything would make ME sick. 15g seems like an awful lot, but I don’t recall what came before this in the thread. I’ve been taking some 1g tablets from Jarrow.



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams


Your dosage iof 15 GRAMS is great. Work up to it and you can even exceed that.

Here is the answer to the “absorption” time——45 minutes to one hour. I really cranks
the organ even two hours later.

Stacking as you do is good for HGH release. I think doses of L A lower than the massive
30 grams you mentioned will stiumulate the pituitary to release HGH. This is made
more effective when you stack like you are doing. Other good amino acid stackers
for HGH release are Glutamine (cheap too), ornithine, Glycine (cheap), Niacin, Choline, and Pantothenic Acid to name just a very few.

Order the book “The Arginine Solution” off the net and Glatz’s book “Grow Young with
HGH” give great info on this subject.


Phat, do you do any supplementation with L-A alone or any type of stacking for hGH increase?


answer: “it depends”

I cycle, going off and on, and during my breakup depression I have not taken LA or the
stack on regular basis.

Sometimes I take just LA alone for erection boosting horse squeeze PE sessions. I take
6-20 GRAMS! Other times I’ll use LA with Viagra slivers and other stuff like Yohimbe,
DHEA, Testrogel, Avena Sativa, and Niacin to boost erections for PE horse squeezes.

I am off the HGH cycle now. I do this in conjunction with a low fat high protein diet and
bow flex body building. Then I go for HGH release. The side effect is that it is great for
erection enhancement too. A twofer.

My HGH releasing stack usually consists of : L Arginine (6-15 grams), L Ornithine (varies, 2-3 grams),
Niacin blush type (1 gram), Glycine (5 grams), and some Choline and/or Pantothenic Acid to
enchane the absorption of the amino stack (1 gram each).

I like to do the HGH stack before bow flexing., and at bedtime before going to sleep. Most
HGH is released during sleep so if you do this once a day, then do it then.

Remember, take LA on an EMPTY stomach, or it is no good at all. Protein KILLS it. Three hours
after eating is best. It’s hard to time it right.

Another principle here is that the amino acids like LA work MUCH better if your body fat
is lower.

Phat, how do you take your hGH release stack? Is it all mixed together, or are some capsules, some liquidized?

I’ve also read you should have no carbs with the stack as it dilutes the release intensity.

I read that a high protein meal about 1.5-2 hrs after a release stack prompts another release, albeit smaller.


Sorry to hear about your injury.

I have no clue as to any release 1.5-5 hours after a protein meal. That is news to me

I would wait at least 2.5 hours or 3 hours after a protein meal to take a stack with LA.

I take my release stack usually in capsule form, except Glutamine where I use a cheap, nice
tasting powder. Always use poweder for L Glutamine. Once, I used a powder form of Ornithine,
but it tastes terrible. That is a lot of pills and I do occasionally get diaharrea. But that
stomach problem becomes less and less as one gets used to it.

I have popped as many as 45 LA caps at one time. VERY similar to Viagra one hour

Contrary to others on the board, LA has NOT helped my ejaculation volume at all.

I also use the L Arginine Plyg….form, which is GREAT for resistance weight training on
the bow flex.

I agree that even carbs are not good for absorption. Now, it is often recommended to
eat a few crackers with LA to ease stomach upset, but I do NOT.



can you give me a source for the choline/panto acid? I am having a hard time tracking a decent source down. I am using for the l-a pyro & lysine HCL as well as l-glutamine. May do GABA, also. But I need that uptake enchancer of choline/panto as the kicker.

I basically spent HOURS of net research on this subject today (since PE is out). I ran across a lot of crap, some real good medical reports, and basically have boosted my knowledge bigtime. Like anything, this is just something to try.

I am thinking of doing 6/2 week cycles, that is on/off. What do you recommend?

OK, I will do so when I get revitalized about this subject. It drained me today, but hopefully tomorrow I can get some links in here.

About the “loads” Zinc is actually sumthing u might wanna take for it zinc helps create sperm soo if u wanna shoot big “loads” then that might help


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