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What vitamins and supplements lower blood reasure

What vitamins and supplements lower blood reasure

Hey guys I would like to know what supplements would help me lower blood pressure. I went to walmart and took a reading it 148/84 I know that is bad but I was nervous to while doing it.

I think garlic helps.

A proper diet.

That is high, but not dangerously high I don’t think.

A lot of people will get skewed numbers when they are nervous.. some will get high BP every time just because they have the ‘white coat syndrome’.

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Put ‘blood pressure supplements’ into google and some excellent pages come up.

140/90 is usually considered borderline hypertension in the UK. What is your age, activity level and diet like? 148/84 may just be from nerves, or the cause may be organic. If you are a couch potato and have a poor diet, you would be far better off getting some exercise rather than taking supplements to help.

My BP is highly mood dependant; I can mentally change it through a huge range from minute to minute, but this is a learned response for me.

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Thanks for the answer guys. I must say you hit me with all of my faults I however started to walk and eat more healthier today. But my main thing was I was not getting enough sleep I was only getting 5-4 hrs a day sometimes. I work 10hr days and then I come home to and have to watch a 2 and 3 year old for like 5 hrs because we can’t afford daycare well I weighed 286, I am now 282.

I promise I will not make it to 290 even worse 300

fufu12, is there a GNC, or other health related store where you live? There are a lot of natural supplements that they could recommend. Definitely work on taking care of your health. Proper diet and weight control and adequate sleep are crucial. I was injured at work in the fall and between less activity and the holidays I gained about 15 lbs. That was enough to elevate my BP. Good luck and work on taking care of you.

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Also try taking a second reading about five minutes after the first. I like you always take my blood pressure at Wal-Mart. Usually I’ve smoked a cigarette on the walk in from the parking lot, combined with the walk itself. Sit on the little bench by the pharmacy for a few minutes then take the test again. You will be surprised how much lower it will be.

Exercise regularly and lower your sodium intake (80% of which is found in pre-packaged and restaurant foods… we’re not talking about the miniscule amount you may add at the table from the salt-shaker).

Fish oil helps me but you need to take more than the regular amount.

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I believe Tyrosine or GABA should do it, have to look up which one does what again.

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