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What supplements make semen watery?

What supplements make semen watery?

My semen is thick and white. I know most guys like it like that. But I prefer watery semen cause it shoots further and just like the look of it. I know guaifenesin works by decreasing mucus thickness but it has never worked for me, even at high dosages. The only thing that has made it a bit thinner is grapefruit juice. Has anyone over here taken any supplement that had the side effect of making you semen thinner? If so, Can you please tell me.

And trust me drinking more water doesn’t make semen thinner. Been there, done it!

Hi meowmeow! Just a word of warning in that grapefruit juice will make your man chowder taste horrific. Might or might not be a consideration for you.

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Lecithin, in powder form, made my semen almost glue-like thick. Oddly, in pill form it made it watery and runny.

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You drink 4 liters of water a day. That is a lot , you must piss constantly. Not only that, is that safe? I might try it…

I don’t drink frequently. However, once in a while when I go out, I drink a moderate amount of alcohol. Next day, I have noticed that my cum is way more watery than of those non-drinking periods of times.

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You CAN drink too much water, and it can supposedly cause mild dementia.


Since I have read that things like cough syrup or Tussin help this by thinning out mucous membranes, would Mucinex work even better? The pills taste awful, but what do you guys think? I too would like to have thinner more watery ejaculate. I LOVE the feeling of expulsion after like a weeks worth of build up and first few blasts are thin. Otherwise I have thick dribbles with a yellowish tint. NO STD.

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Drinking water doesn’t increase or make semen more watery…. I drank 3.5 litres of water a day, for like a week, nothing! My cum was still thick. The only thing that has worked for me is grapefruit juice. And I tasted my cum when i drank grapefruit…. it actually tasted alot better… it had no bitter taste.

I think there are so many urban legends out there and cause they have been going on for so long, people believe them. I have just recieved my clomid, will see if an increase in testosterone changes the semen’s thickness

Originally Posted by meowmeowluvin
And I tasted my cum when i drank grapefruit…. it actually tasted alot better… it had no bitter taste.

I can think of 100 different things that I would rather taste than my own jack :)

Better my own than someone else’s.

Well it’s just my way of tasting the product before I let others.

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