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What kind of Arginine for EQ and NO?

What kind of Arginine for EQ and NO?

Hello guys,

I widely used the function “search” and, even if I found one answer saying AAKG is better than simple L-Arginine (but there was not the supposed reason, and that opinion wasn’t largely accepted in that topic), I make the question anyway…

As a supplement, for better EQ,increase of NO and all the other things Arginine is known about, should I buy (online) AAKG, L-Arginine, Arginine HCL or what? What’s better in your opinion, and why, for “my purposes”? I previously used L-Arginine bought in Pharmacy, but it is reeeeally expensive, about 1 euro/1,5 g.

I don’t know if you can also give me an advice about the Arginine brands I should give a look to: if so, please let me know the brand/s in the answers :-)

Thank you all in advance.

I find L-Arginine Ethyl Ester From Nutra Bio very good

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AAKG tastes a lot better than straight L-Arginine. I’ve used both and didn’t notice a difference in effect.

Originally Posted by Behemoth

I find L-Arginine Ethyl Ester From Nutra Bio very good

I use the same with good results. A while back I read that the tablet form of L-arginine is not as easily matabalised as the powdered form. Accordingly, I switched to LAEE. However, I recently read that the human digestive system is capable of matabalising both powder and tablets on an equal basis. Until I hear more with regard to scientifically prepared studies, I can not recommend a preference.

Sizeitup,did you notice an improvement (obviously slight,I don’t expect anything “exceptional”) from AAKG?

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