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What about Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate?

What about Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate?

Does anyone here have any experience with this version of arginine, or know what it’s supposed to do?

Yes, when taken for extended periods of time, it will raise your level of NOS activity. It operates on a different principle then arginine.

Arginine is broken down by arginases and is utilized by NOSes. AAKG is a modified arginine, it fits the NOS substrate but not the arginase one. Its mechanism is more complicated then that. but, essentially thats why NO2 has it. NO2 has one more thing, a time relased alpha lipoic acid, which they say is what allows for this permanent rise of NO. its all in byrd’s book.

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NO2, NOX2, etc. is marketed to the bodybuilding community. It’s main claim is said to keep that workout “pump” for hours. However, very few people on the bodybuilding message boards say that it actually works for them. Most say that it’s just another bogus, extremely expensive supplement. I have personally tried it and noticed no effect. I had no longer lasting pump in my muscles or anywhere else. So don’t believe everything you read about this supplement.

I’ve taken NO2 and NOX2 for 2-3 months. Also my trainer and one of the other trainers. We all get great pumps from it, and super erections. I did, at least, until my body decided I was having too much fun and changed something. Pumps I still get. It seemed to me that NO2 worked exactly the way the book said it would. That’s rare.


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