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Warning! Penis injection: Needle stuck in penis after breaking off!

Warning! Penis injection: Needle stuck in penis after breaking off!


Wanted to tell a horror story that I had to endure, one that I will never forget and that has changed my PE practices forever. I had started to inject some PGE-1 and thought it went to the base but really the needle bent at a right angle and broke off at the base to my ABSOLUTE horror! There it was I looked at my syringe and it was blunt and needle gone and out of my penis poked a small visible inkling of the plunged needle. I was filled with panic and started to bend and move it in a way to get it out but it just kept sinking further as I let the tension go I had on my unit when I stretched it out. When I released some of this tension my penis retracted and the needle sank further out of view, until it was gone from sight. My heart raced with panic and sweat and anguish that was supreme! My wife heard me and came to the door and I put my unit away and went out to get my bulb syringe and try to suck it out where I thought it was. I didn’t know if I had got it because I did not see or feel it come out. It was a 31 gage ultra fine. I imagined that the thing got snagged on my undershorts or something because for the life of me I could not feel it anywhere. I twisted bent pulled, did another PGE-1 injection, when a day with no PE work at all and did hot water baths to soften the tissue and feel around extensively still no sign. I was amazed yet I knew what I saw. But after a day off work, I decided to go to work and couldn’t feel a thing, but was interpreting things like snagging hair or anything as OH thats it! So I was going insane with worry.

Finally I was determine to get to the Urgent Care and get an XRAY… I went to the Dr told him I was taking PGE-1 and the needle broke off in me. He was like WOW that should be rather painful, I replied no it didnt. So he was like well if it does not bother you and its in there it may be best to leave it unless and infection comes on vs surgery. I was like I did everything to feel for it yet dont. He said shall I examine, and I said please do. He poked at it and looked at it and said I am 100% sure it is not in there. I was like well thats good of you to say, and I feel like that as well but I need an XRAY to feel ok. He said he understood and made the order.

I went to the place told the tech what was up and he laid me out on the table and I laid my manhood to best see it all from the XRAY view. He took the shot and had me look for myself as it developed. He said dont worry if its metal and in there it will be noticeable. Even though its a 32 gage ultra fine. The dr said they would be able to see it anyway if it were in there. Well as it came out I saw nothing. Either did the tech, he said no metal there or anywhere. The dr called me to tell me that there was no metal found, but that I have a touch of arthritis in my hips, but that most dudes my age do as well.

Now I will take far more precaution to make sure no bends are tolerated in the needle points I use. This scared the hell out of me, I was ready to quit it all… But by some unknown means or miracle it seems to me it disappeared from my shaft. I just dont have a clue as to how and I saw it in my flesh the retract under my skin. But some how my letting go of my unit it must have come out when I went to get the bulb syringe or my pump, when I came back I tried the bulb once but I felt nothing and have not since. Its like a miracle occurred and I dont know how. But thanks be that it went down like that and wasnt really there. I trusted the XRAY more then the fact I felt nothing, but saw everything.

Anyway have tweezers nearby in case I say now. Push from underneath and or from two points on either side of the needle that is stuck. Use tweezers quick, real quick and be at the ready in case of catastrophic failure of the needle being used.


That is quite an experience you had there. If I ever start chemical penis enlargement I will be sure to keep this in mind.

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Now: Taking a break!

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That’s an incredible story per se and I am glad you have survived your horror trip.

I don’t quite get how a needle can break off. These are extremely durable and even survive being bent at close to 90 degree angles. Then I wonder which strong and fast movement might be necessary in the first place to get one of these needles even close to breaking off. Either way, let’s be glad you went out of this without further complications.




As anything else needles can have manifacturing defects and can actually break; a guy I knew had one broken in his gluteus and doctors had to open him deep, since the needls was walking inside and could cut a vein or a nerve.

Where is a magnet when you need one. Pull that sucker right out.

Wow that really heavy stress bro.

Wow, gland you found some relief.

I think it would be better to use 30 g needle, as I’ve read some stories on the internets about 31 g needles bending.

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I have not read this thread. I am not going to read this thread.

I hope you are OK.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Sounds worse than water boarding.

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