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Warm Up With Capsaicin Cream


Warm Up With Capsaicin Cream

Fellow PE’ers one question that has been on my mind for years is, “where would we warm-up if we were miles from home?”. Now think about that for a minute, you’re at your over religious family’s house for a holiday and you want to PE but can’t use the shower or turn on the faucets for long because that would wake somebody up, with no HotHands or heating pad what are you to do?

I have given this great though and have come up with the answer, a mixture of capsaicin cream and vegetable glycerine. Both are warming ingredients that cause blood to flow to the skin but capsaicin in high doses can stimulate too much inflammation and pain. So my plan is to gather ingredients and test until I have the correct dosage to completely eliminate the hot warm up before exercise. I will be posting the test results and notes here all this next week.

Please feel free to comment.

Fowfers would be a great way to warm up away from home…

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For a short period like that you could skip the warm up. Many guys do PE without it and still gain.

Soylent Green wafers.

Let’s try to keep this thread as scientific as possible. Quit posting nonsense just to get your post-counter high.

The purpose of this thread is that I WILL be testing capsaisin cream mixtures to see if I can get the same result as a warm up for my routine hopefully without burning blisters into my penis in the process.

I don’t think you’ll be raising tissue temperature above 98.6.

I just seems hotter.

It’s worth a try at least

Skin irritants like capsaisin cause blood vessels to dilate and the area feels warmer, but it won’t be warmer than normal body temperature. If you believe that warming helps your workouts then you either have to increase the temperature above body temp (via a heat lamp, warm water bath, or something similar) or just bite the bullet and skip the warm ups while you’re away from home. My opinion is that you’ll be wasting time and money with the cream. It may feel warmer, but it won’t be the same as you’d get with more traditional methods.

I went out to the vitamin store today and bought vegetable glycerine but I couldn’t find capsaisin cream. The closest thing found was aspercream roll on which has some capsaicin bit not much. I applied the mixture of aspercream and glycerine and went about my off day routine.
5 sets Pumping 3 min @ 8psi with 3 min off
3 sets weighted clamping 10 min with 1lb weight 2 min off
5 sets Pumping 3 min @ 8psi with 3 min off

I know it’s not exactly the same as a warm up but it felt pretty good. Who knows I may develop a PE lube formula that works better than the warming lubes which are mostly glycol/glycerine as the active heat ingredient.

‘Weighted clamping’?

Yes weighted clamping,
First I wrap the base in tennis grip tape(interested in trying bondage tape too), then I slide on a 1” cut from a masturbation sleeve with a deep groove cut down the middle to hold the clamp in place, and the weighted clamp which is a Home Depot orange clamp with a strip of leather tied to a 1lb leather bag filled with buckshot.

Weighted clamping allows me to work on erect girth MidBase-Head and length at the same time. However I have tried with more weight/elastic resistance and longer time above 15 minutes with poor results. I suggest if you want to try this keep the weigh very low 2.5lbs and under, kegel often, periodically check to make sure your clamp doesn’t slide down past MidBase.
I have been using this for about a month with great results. I also have a few ideas to modify clamps to help out a bit too. My next project of interest is experimenting with divocups which look beneficial.

No I don’t want to try this. I suggest no one to try this actually, looks a good way to start a thread in the injury forum.

Nope I have injured myself before but found this to be just enough.

Well today I attempted the same experiment with aspercream except this time I used a 50:50 mix of bio oil and glyserine. Bad idea! Everything burned like he’ll until the menthol wire off then the heated feeling was kinda nice. I have since abandoned the aspercream for the bio oil glycerin mix which warms and has a consistency like that of I.d. Glide or WET with a warming sensation that isnt unbearable.

It’s still nothing near what I was shooting for but a nice adaptation to bio oil.

I’ve tried using capsaicin cream approx. one year ago, then stayed half an hour under cold water praying to stop the burning. Very bad idea!

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