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Volume Pills & Other Supplements

Volume Pills & Other Supplements

I have been spending some time searching the net for a supplement to give me a jump start in my gains and to increase my jizz load. Volume Pills Claims 500% increase & other claim viagra like effects. I have been taking the GNC Argimax for over a year know and it has helped my sex drive and increased my jizz by 50%. Is there a single supplement that really works or a list of several natural supplement to take to help both gains and jizz.

L-Arginine is probably the main ingredient in both of those pills and probably responsible for most of the benefit. If you want to save money by not ordering a name brand product that probably has a lot of stuff in it that is garbage, just order L-arginine and take about 3 grams per day.

Do yourself a favor. Save your money. I haven’t used Zinc, but I’ve used everything else. The only thing that I found that worked was meditation, where I would have my intent be massive erections and superior loads, coupled with L-argenine and just a diet with a good ammount of protein and fruits and vegetalbes.

These pills are all BS. I’m telling you. The last thing I am going to try is tongkat-ali. But I’m going to buy it from a reputable source, not Vitamin Shop brand. That’s probably why 1/2 of this crap doesn’t work, because of the quality.

You want something to really work better, use your mind. The mind controls the body. Since doing the meditations and energy work, concentrating on my lower centers, things have improved quite a bit. Save your money. I’ve also read that the ammount of water you drink has no effect whatsoever on load size. It helps to stay hydrated, but semen production is an internal process and is not affected by how hydrated you are.


Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

I bought Volume Pills a couple years ago - it was nothing but letechin!

Look on the page and you’ll see pictures of the pills (notice they are clear yellow liquid). Letechin.

I almost bought the Peter North stuff but it’s way to expensive.

On a side note..

Has anyone found anything that increases volume beside zinc + L-Arginine?

1000mg-1500mg of choline enables me to get close to normal arousal speeds and allows me to stay erect for MUCH longer (my injury reduced my sensation and arousal ability).


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