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Have any vitamins been proven to aid in gains? I currently take vitamin c, b12, and omega 3,6,9.

I take Vitamin F so I can Fuck the Shit out of Bitches Hardcore!!

I take centrum. If it’s good for you it will help the process but pills won’t do the work for you
Some will give you a super stiff erection, but kegals have that ability as well and give you a permanent boost in ability. Kegals are better than vitamin f.



Hi man

I started a month ago to take is mixture of vitamins and testosterone pills that sell in a popular store in Canada. We are in the same country.
Unfortunately, it is not allow to mention it (as the web rules) it is consider a commercial.

So far, I am feeling with more energy and I can tell you that my penis is in a better shape. After completing my PE exercises I am not exhausted.
If you would like to contact me, feel free to do it




I take a whole combo of herbal and amino acids etc to try and aid my growth and help with EQ

my PE stack

You should try out some HGH oral pills with some spray. I’m currently taking some right now and to tell you the truth I just feel good in general. I have more energy and better sex drive!!! Its not actual HGH but what the pills and spray do is help you produce more of your own HGH. A ton of human growth hormone was flowing through your body during puberty along with testosterone, so I feel like if I can keep my T levels up and increase my HGH I can generate some faster gains. I’ve been on it for 2 months now and this month will be my third. I have a good feeling about this month I guess its when these pills and spray are supposed to be most effective.
Thus is what I’ve been on for the past two months
1.optimal choline complex
2. Genf20 plus hgh oral spray and pills
3. Vitamin b12
4. Korean ginseng
5. Cayenne pepper oral pills

Also just started taking some penis enlargement pills last week

2. Vimax

I’m kind of skeptical about the penatropin but I decided to give it try anyways I’m stacking both of these. One penatropin in the morning, one vimax in the afternoon, and one more penatropin at night.

Hope this helps


"Just jelq"

Seems quite good. Do you find it helps.

Take a multi and eat healthy. There is not any vitamin that is going to add to gains. Some compounds will improve EQ, but none that I am aware of are going to grow your cock faster. I have done PE on and off of “real supplements” (testosterone, IGF-1 LR3, HGH, insulin) and noticed no extra gains. If supplements helped with gains, somebody would make an effective penis enlargement pill, and one of those definitely doesn’t exist.

Best vitamin that may aid you is Magnesium chelate(Magnesium citrate is the cheapest chelate).

I take choline, saw palmetto, a multi-vitamin, L-Arganine… the best part… you get an amazing woody!

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