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Vitamins or Herbs for better Flaccid Hang

Vitamins or Herbs for better Flaccid Hang

Hey, If any of you senior members see this post, Just wondering if there are any vitamins or herbs that can be taken along with PE to have a better flaccid hang. I have heard of L arginine, anything else I can take?? Feel free to link me to a thread if this has already been discussed. I did not find anything through the search.


Woodro Indi

Just as a dumb question, did you search in the supplements forum? I’d almost be willing to wager that this subject has been discussed there. Give it a go, and if you still can’t find anything, then I’ll see what I can dredge up. Sound like a plan?

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Pretty much any health or bodybuilding supplement that improves blood flow would naturally improve the flaccid hang. Been my experience anyway.

The great elm.

Thanks I’ll check in the supplements and see if I can find anything.

Hey Elm, have you noticed that while your bodybuilding you’re flaccid get very short while you’re working out. I think it happens because the blood is flowing to other muscles. Next time you work out let me know if it happens to you. It happens to me and it bothers the sh*t out of me

Pumpkin seeds.

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