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I ran a search here on this product but couldn’t find much so… I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this prodcut. It costs like $2-3/pill, but supposedly kicks in within 25 minutes and works very well. It’s supposed to make you an animal in bed and go for a long time.

Ingredients can be found here:…nt-12-tabs.html

I found the best prices for it here:…odgroupID=12356

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Originally Posted by DaPenisMightier
It’s supposed to make you an animal in bed and go for a long time.

It’s Pedigree Dry Food Chunky Bits that does that.



Hey man..

I manage an adult store. Vigor 25 is cheap online, but not in stores. In the store it runs 6.99/pill - 17.99/3 in bottle - 64.99/12 in bottle

This stuff is the best sexual enhancer known right now. It’s all natural pill.. And yes.. About 25 mins before sex.. It kicks in.

Cautions tho.. DO NOT take this pill on an empty stomach.. Shit will make you trip out, light is sensitive, etc. I’ve done it 3 times .lol never again.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this pill.

Take it easy

11/12/05 L: 6.1" G: 5" I'm only 19.. Maybe PE will work faster for me lol ** Next measure on New Years **


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