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Vidalista & Cenforce

Vidalista & Cenforce

Hi, just need some info from any one who has tried cenforce 100 ( Viagra ) and Vidalista ( cialis ) recently.
I have been in contact with a man in India where they are made, and he can supply & deliver 100 Vidalista 20mg for $45usd. He has sent me photos of the product, with the manufactures batch & used by dates showing - ( I asked him to write buggs on a bit of paper, and include it in the shot so I know he has taken the picture, so i know it wasn’t from google images.).

Any info from users of these products would be appreciated.


You paying too much for such pills

Blue eye, blonde latino

What would be the going rate.

I tried some last year and they were good for 2 days, did you have a good result.

Negotiate the price bud. Is the price quoted just for pills. Postage???

The price is $15 for 100 Vidalista 20mg, and $30 for express shipping.

Yeah shipping costs suck man. I hate the high costs of shipping.

Ordering pills from overseas can be a bit risky at times. Have you not found a supplier in your local country? Or are they far too expensive compared to this overseas supplier? Safety is my utmost concern in these types of scenarios and I’d be absolutely sure of who you’re ordering these kinds of things from. It might cost more in the long run but, I’d rather play it safe than end up in the hospital.


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